With out you?

Stacy Demis, 19 year old,was born in the USA but, moved at early age to Bradford,UK. There,she was neighbor of none other than Zayn Malik but, who was Zayn Malik back then? Stacy and Zayn did everything together,including there first Kiss. When Zayn auditioned for The X-Factor, she was there with him and when he walked through the door to Bootcamp he promised her he would get in the show for her,so he did. After he won the X-factor with his band members,Stacy was now the official chef/photographer of 1D.Stacy still had secret feelings for Zayn but did he? He showed his beyond friendship love for her, but he never did anything to be with her. When Harry falls for Stacy will Zayn fight back for her love?


1. Moving In

Stacy Demis was born in L.A., United States of America, when her parents divorce she moves with her mother, Ellen and older sister, Paige to Bradford,England when she was  1 year old. Ellen grew up in Bradford with her Grandma after her parents death. Ellen worked and studied the Univertsity and bought her Grandmother a house where they could live in a beautiful neighboorhood after moving back from Los Angeles.

While unpacking Ellen hears a knock at the front door,she gets it. When she opens the door she finds a black haired, cinnamon skin woman with a black haired child in arms and a semi-bald man behind them peeking out were two beautiful girls. The black haired woman says "Hello, there. My name is Patricia,you may call me Tricia we're the neighbors from next door." Ellen takes a look out side to see the house and interupts Patty by inviting her inside " Hi, my name is Ellen. Please,please come in, take a seat" Patty and her family walk in to the unorganized house "I'm sorry for the mess, its just there's so much to clean." Tricia says "No problem, we understand, you just moved in. Well, as I was saying, our daughters"She says while pointing to the girls "Doniya and Waliyha and our boy, Zayn." Ellen says "How adorable, how old is he?" Tricia responds, " He just turned a year old on January 12th. Do you have any children?" "Yes I do actually my smaller one just turned 1 year old  on January 21st." Ellen gets up from the couch and calls out, "I'll be back"and returns with a blonde girl in arms and holding by the hand the other. "These are my girls, Stacy and Paige." "How old is Paige?"Asks Tricia. "Well,she turned 7 on February 1st, Stacy has green eyes and Paige has icy blue eyes." Yaser lets down Stacy,the green eyed, on the floor after Tricia lays Zayn down to crawl around, Stacy crawling after him. Waliyha says, "Look mum, Zayn and Stacy are playing."

As the year passes by, Tricia and Ellen become best friends, and plan to celebrate Zayn and Stacy's 2nd Birthday together in their back yards. 


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