Harry Lights Up My World

A girl named Daniela who becomes friends with one of the world most favorite celebrities in the world ,Harry Styles


5. Why I Left

I woke up,got dressed,and went downstairs to find Harry and his mum at the coffee table. "Morning!" "Morning"said Harry."Oh Harry I need to to go cost your grandma today and I will be gone for two days.""Do you think you can manage staying alone for that long?" "Yeah I think we can manage",Harry and I said together."Ok Bye Harry,Bye Daniela""Bye!" "So Daniela can I ask you something?" "Yeah anything""Why did you leave your house?" "Oh.....(sigh) it's complicated,but I trust you." "Look The Truth is that my mom died a couple months ago and I'm stuck with my step dad that treats me like his maid and hated me." "Whenever I did something wrong or something he didn't like he would slap me and.............It was just to painful that I gave up and left." "I'm afraid he's gonna find me and do something to me." I started to cry. "I'm sorry I didn't know all this had happened." "It's fine" He hugged me in his arms to try to comfort me.The next day I woke up but Harry was still sleeping."Harry" I whispered. "Morning"he said. "Ill Go make breakfast."" No I will your my guest.""You can cook?"" Of course maybe basics but yes I can cook."" Ok" We ate and it was really good." "We going out.""Where to?""It's a surprise,but put something preaty on." :) ;)

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