Harry Lights Up My World

A girl named Daniela who becomes friends with one of the world most favorite celebrities in the world ,Harry Styles


3. The Interview

We were in the car when I we got to McDonalds and went in.I told them I was here for a job interview.She let me go and Harry had to wait outside.I finished and the manager told me he would call me if I got the job.We left back to Harry's and I saw his mum on the couch watching T.V. "How'd it go Daniela""Good the manager said he would call me if I got the job." "That's great well I need to go to the store ,I'll be back in 20 minutes." Ok me and Harry said together. She left and 4 minutes after I heard someone knock on the door. Harry asked if I could get it,so I did. I opened it and saw Taylor Swift at the door! "Who are you ?" "Daniela." I guess she just invited herself in cuse that's what she did.She walked up to Harry and gave him a kiss."Hey babe." "Taylor what are you doing here?" I found some tears coming down from my cheaks.I went upstairs to my bedroom and locked it up.I layed down on my bed and starter to cry.Harry came up and tried to open."Open up Daniela.""Why so u can brag about Taylor,well you know what I'm not stupid!""I thought you were different,but aprantly your not your like any other guy in the music bisnuss.""Trust me there's nothing between Taylor and me.""I'm not stupid,of course why wouldn't you because she's beautiful,rich and famous."Please open up you mean a lot to me."I opened the door and Harry came in."I'm sorry Harry but do you kiss ever girl that you see and forget about them.""Yeah well Harry you ment something to me but.."He just kissed me befour I could finished.I kissed back and I saw Taylor stump her foot and walk out,"Now do you forgive me?"He hugged me and I feel asleep in his arms!:)

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