Harry Lights Up My World

A girl named Daniela who becomes friends with one of the world most favorite celebrities in the world ,Harry Styles


4. The Adventure Park

I woke up in Harry's arms when I looked at the clock,it was 10:00.I didn't want to get up but my phone rang.I got up and ansered."Hi is the Daniela""Yes this is she""I just wanted to inform you that you got the job and start working on Monday.""Wow thank you ill be there at 11:00!"I hung up when Harry woke up."Whatz up?""I got the job!"He smiled and hugged me. I went and change and so did Harry.We both went downstairs and saw Anne drinking coffee."So sleep tight?""Yeah""So Daniela did you get the job?""Yeah I did" This calles for a celebration said Harry."Where are we going?""You'll see just go get ready.""Ok!" "So Harry did you sleep alright in Daniela's room?"" What how'd you find out?!""I saw you hugging Daniela in her room while you two were asleep.""I'm sorry but I do like Daniela.""I figured,you two spend lots of time together.""Where are you taking her?""The Adventure Park." "Oh how cute."I was in my bedroom and I put on a purple tank top with jean shorts."Ready?""Yeah"We got there and we went on all of the rides.It was so fun because when it was the fireworks,he leaned over and kissed me.I felt like I have always known him,and I LOVE him.We got home and I was as tired as can be.I fell asleep in the car and he carried me to my bed.Befour he left he kissed me and left to his room.:)
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