Harry Lights Up My World

A girl named Daniela who becomes friends with one of the world most favorite celebrities in the world ,Harry Styles


1. Taken Home

I was walking around England when it started to rain. I was thinking, thinking of my parents and how I had left my house. Suddenly I noticed a boy was staring at me outside of his glass window. He came up to me and said"Why are you outside here all alone?" "I sneaked out of my house because of my parent and I don't have anywhere to go." Oh...well your welcome to stay with me intill you get things figured out" "I can't just take advantage of you kindness like that." "No I insist " "Uh..sure thanks ." " We'll my name is Harry" "oh I'm Daniela" "Oh well lets go inside ,it's pouring rain". "Mom this is Daniela ,can she stay with us because she moved out of her house and has no where to go" " Of course ,well Daniela my name is Anne" " You can stay in Gemma's room and Harry is right across the hall if you need anything ." I went up to my room,got dressed and sat on the bed when Harry came in." "He sat on my bed and asked me if I got comfortable and then it got scilent . Then Harry leanded in a kissed me on my lips ,gently and carefully .After all that happened he said good night and left.The next morning I woke up thinking all this was a dream when I realized,it was reality! :)
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