Harry Lights Up My World

A girl named Daniela who becomes friends with one of the world most favorite celebrities in the world ,Harry Styles


2. Morning

It was morning,I woke up to see Harry saying"Morning love".I gave him a big smile!I knew he was trying not to make things awkward because of yesterday."So my mums making breakfast what would you like?""Whatever is fine it's favor enough you let me stay in your house."Oh well just come down when your hungry.""Thanks" He left the room so I got up and got dressed.I had put on a black tank top and jean shorts.I went downstairs and saw Harry's mum making scrambled eggs,toast,and bacon."Um Harry umma go look for a job like around 2:00p.m.""Oh do you want me to drive you?""Sure." We ate breakfast and I said"That was delousios,imma go take a shower.Ok said Harry and Anne.Harry was walking to his room when he heard me singing in the shower.I was sing Kiss You By One Direction and Die Young By Ke$ha.I finished,got dressed and when I opened the door to find Harry's ear on the door."Harry,what are you doing?" "I heard you sing and you have a beautiful voice.""Thanks,should we go?""Yeah let's go."I grabbed my purse and we left.:)
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