My So Called Life

They say write about what you know.

This is all I know.


1. Write What You Know

Hmm. At this point. This is what I know. My name is Ruby Porter. I've never been in love. I've kissed two boys, one time each. But I've only ever told one person about the second one. My home life is pretty complicated, and I have a serious fear of commitment. Or maybe I just have a fear of something. I have three best friends, but I question how I feel about them all the time. I love alternative rock music but country can also be my jam. 

Well with all that information, where I can I begin to delve deeper? Lets see. I didn't mention it earlier but I have an obsession with TV shows. For example I've seen every episode of: America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Law and Order SVU, Prison Break, 90210. You name it, I've seen it. 

TV shows take you to a whole other world, with whole new people. When my life is going insanely wrong, I get super tangled up in a TV show. It may be unhealthy but it's just how I deal. For example, if you've ever seen One Tree Hill, I'm sure you're in love with it, but also you delve into a whole other life filled with high school basketball games and concerts and these amazing people who don't really exist. And people like them don't exist. There is never going to be a Brooke Davis or a Nathan Scott. People like them just dont exist. 

As much as I hate to believe it, people dont exist like that. 


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