My Other Half

Itzel is just a regular teen girl doing the typical things most girls her age do; getting high, beating up people and stealing. But what happens when she meets someone that could help her? Well she fall for him or have him killed?


3. Strangers

It was around 11:00 PM and we were still practicing. The music was really loud. I had my long dark brown straighten but it was getting curly again with the sweat. I naturally have curly hair but I hate it. I still didnt get how I could sweat on a cold January night. Then we heard it.
It was the police. "Oh shit run!" Yelled JJ. Everyone started running. As I looked back to see if the police were still there. As I looked back i tripped and fell. 'Shit' I thought to myself. Then I saw someone extend their hand towards me. I looked up. It wasn't a cop. It looked like the teenage guy I saw earlier. What the fuck was be still doing here? I could see his face but he wasn't that tall. Like 2 or 3 inches taller than me. Then a bright light shinned on my face. A cop.
"Put your hands up!" Yelled the cop. Both me and the strangers put our hands up. I looked around and saw that the others managed to escape.
"Well looks like we have a you g one here" the cop smirked. I am not that young! I am only 17. "Where do you live?" The cop asked me. (C-cop M-Me)
M- "with my parents." I said in the most serious tone I could say
C- where do your parents live?
M- with me
C- where do you all live?
M- in my house
C-where is your house?
M- next to my neighbors house.
By then the cop seemed annoyed.
C-where is your neighbors house
M-if I tell you won't believe me.
C- tell me
M-next to my house.
I laughed.
"You are coming with me young lady" he said turning me around ready to handcuff me. "WAIT" said the strange voice. He had an Irish accent. It was adorable. But I still couldn't see his face.
"What?" Asked the cop. "She's with me" said the stranger. I was surprised. Who he fuck was he?
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