My Other Half

Itzel is just a regular teen girl doing the typical things most girls her age do; getting high, beating up people and stealing. But what happens when she meets someone that could help her? Well she fall for him or have him killed?


1. Me

Hey there! My name is Itzel. I live in a small city in the United States. I'm just the typical modern girl. I get high, I beat up people , I steal, and I don't give a fuck what other people think about me. I'm kinda in a gang. The leader is my older cousin. He's just 2 weeks older than me but he would kill any guy that tried to harm me. But we don't really do bad stuff to innocent people. We have rivals and we have to keep our family safe. Most of the time we just dance. We dance hip hop. I wanted to be a professional dancer but oh well. Well now you know about me.
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