My Other Half

Itzel is just a regular teen girl doing the typical things most girls her age do; getting high, beating up people and stealing. But what happens when she meets someone that could help her? Well she fall for him or have him killed?


5. Do I know you?

His name seemed familiar. I just couldn't remember. I checked my iPhone and saw it was 11:49. *Ding* the elevator door opened. "OMG I'm sorry I have to go home" I told him. "But don't you want a drink of water? You seem tired" he said. "Oh no it was nice for you to help me but I have to go home" I said quickly. "Where do you live? I'll take you home" he looked at me. I almost melted. His eyes and his thick accent was just melting me. "No thanks I can walk home I don't live far away from here." He sighed. "Ok but I'll walk you down stairs" I smiled. We where in the hotel lobby. *Niall's POV* I saw this girl dancing in the park at night around 11:00. She was with 4 other guys and another girl. They were pretty good dancers. I was watching them since 9:00. The others had left around 10:14. Then I saw blue white and red lights and ten i heard a siren. The police. I saw that the others started running. I was about to start running too but then I saw the girl trip. I went over and extended my arm out. "Need help?" I asked her. She smiled and grabbed on my hand. She had brown eyes and dark brown hair. It was kinda wavy. She stood up. She was about my size. Then the cop came over to us. ~Skip all the way to the lobby~ *sigh* "I'm really really sorry but I have to go" she said. "It's ok" I lied. She was really pretty. We went out the hotel and she started running towards the park across the street. *Itzel's POV* I was running in the street then I saw 2 really bright lights coming fast at me. Next thing I know I am being thrown in the air by the car and I black out. *Niall's POV* OMG. Some car just ran over her and left. I went running to we're she was. She was in a puddle of blood. I pulled my phone and called 911. After I called them I looked around and saw her iPhone. I got it an put it my pocket. Then the ambulance came i got on with her. ~In the hospital~ they had her in the operation room. *ring* "Hello?" "Where are you Niall?" It was Zayn. "I'm in the hospital" I told him. "WHAT?! What happened" I think he thought something happened to me. "Remember the girl that was dancing with the other guys?" I asked him. "Yeah why?" He asked. I could tell he was confused. "Well she got runner over by a car and she's in the operation room." Zayn was about to talk but I cut him off because I saw the doctor coming. "Hey zayn the doctor is coming I'll talk to you later." And I hung up. "So what's wrong with her?" I asked the doctor. "She is asleep right now. She was hit in the head pretty hard." He said. "Can I see her?" I asked. "Sure". He led me to her room. It was around 3 am by now. I saw her laying down. Her wavy brown hair down her shoulders. Her eyes were closed. She had a few bruises on her arm and scratches on her face. She opened her eyes. "Are you ok?" I asked her. "Who are you?" She asked "Oh no" I mumbled to myself.
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