Love, is more than just a game for two.

Hayden Daniels was just an ordinary girl until she met Jack Vaughn. The two absolutely hate each other. But will Hayden's feeling of hate and discust grow to be love and passion?
Jack Vaughn, a 18 year old boy. The ideal version for every girl, charming, funny, talented, but despised the fact that a certain girl didnt fall for him like all the others. She was the only one is school who did'nt like him. Jack will do everything in his power to get her to fall for him, but in the process, will this game become more than just a game?


13. Chapter thirteen

Hayden watched as Jack;s face started to drown out. Sadness started to overtake his emotions as he wrote her goodbye, and turned off his light, shutting the blinds to his windows. Hayden sighed deeply and swung her notepad to the other side of her bedroom, and noticed that her phone was lite up with a text from Chase.

Hey beautiful. i just wanted to say that I had a great time, and it was amazing meeting your dad. I would love for you to meet my parents. They want to make you lunch. Wadda say? :) xx- Chase

Hayden read over the text message and smiled, blushing. She texted him back. Sure! I would love too. Just, im real tired right now, and I'll talk to you in the morning. I love you Chase. :) Night xx- Hayden

She set her phone off to the side, leaving it on the night stand, not even bother to read the text she had just recieved. She rolled over in her bed, and snuggled with her pillow. She watched as her eye lids became heavy and she soon fell asleep.

Jack laid in his bed, thinking about Hayden. About the fact that he can never be with her and he would just have to accept that fact. He looked through the contacts on his phone, and cam across a familar name, typed across the screen. A girl by the name of Charlotte Kingsly. Charlotte was a typical irish. She had long red hair and bir bright green eyes. Even the irish accent to go along with it. Jack's first real girlfriend to add to it. She was the first girl he had ever been serious with, and before she moved back to Ireland, she told him she loved him. HE said it back of course, but then she moved without saying a word.

His shaky hands tapped her name, typing in a text message.

Charlotte, I dont know if you remember me, but My name is Jack Vaughn. You were my girlfriend for maybe 2 years before you moved. I just wanted to know how youve been. :)

He pressed send, and the whole time still thought about Hayden. Jack recieved a text not two minutes later.

Jack! Of course I remember you! Ive been good! Actually back in town! I moved down here for school, and things so, Hows your life? Ive actually missed you. :)

He smiled and texted Charlotte back.

Ive been good. Ive thought about you too. We should meet up! Catch up on each others lives! How about the little park down the road, you know from where you used to live? :) Say about noon?

Id love too! see ya there, Jack. :)

And with that Jack set his phone on the other side of the bed, staring at the celing until he fell asleep.

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