Love, is more than just a game for two.

Hayden Daniels was just an ordinary girl until she met Jack Vaughn. The two absolutely hate each other. But will Hayden's feeling of hate and discust grow to be love and passion?
Jack Vaughn, a 18 year old boy. The ideal version for every girl, charming, funny, talented, but despised the fact that a certain girl didnt fall for him like all the others. She was the only one is school who did'nt like him. Jack will do everything in his power to get her to fall for him, but in the process, will this game become more than just a game?


10. Chapter ten

Jack's eyes widened as he watched the boy twirl Hayden around in her room and dance with her. She was laughing and blushing. Hayden was looking at the boy and smiling as he leanded in and kissed her. When the boy pulled away he pressed their foreheads together as Hayden was blushing a deep pink.

Hayden was dancing around with Chase, being the happiest that she has been in a long time. Chase was the only boy that made her laugh and blush at the same time. When Chase was looking Hayden in the eyes longing to kiss her. Chase watched her eyes sparkle, and the color in her cheeks turn a rosy color. His eyes flickered from her lips to her eyes before he finally started to lean and kiss her. Hayden got those special butterflies in her stomach and smiled when he pulled away. "I like you Hayden." Chase whispered with his forehead against hers. "I like you too, Chase." She giggled as they continued to slow dance to no music in her bedroom. Her head against his chest as his chin rested softly on top of her head. Hayden's phone began to buzz, signaling that she got a text. She reluctantly pulled away from Chase and went to check her phone.

I wish that was me.... I messed up big time didnt I? -Jack

She rolled her eyes, texting him back: Yea. She set her phone on her bed and walked back over to Chase as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Hey Hayden?" He said looking into her eyes. "Yea chase?" She said softly looking him in the eyes. "Will you be my girlfriend? I know it seems a bit sudden and I understand that you migh-" She was tired of his rambling and kissed him softly. "Does that answer your question?" She giggled. He blushed and picked her up spinning her around as she giggled.

Yea. That stung Jack. He wished that he didnt screw up. It wasnt even his fault. She kissed him, but he still felt horrible. He longed to be holding Hayden like that, to kiss her like that, to whisper sweet things in her ear so she blushed that way. He watched Hayden and Chase through his bedroom window, until he left, leaving Hayden alone in her room. Once he left she had a huge smile on her face, and she danced around the room. Jack chuckled at her child like ness. He sent her another text. Look out your window. He wacthed her read the text as she looked out the window, and Jack wrote on a piece of notebook paper. "IM SORRY." She rolled her eyes, shutting her window shades. HE sighed leaning back on his bed thinknig about a girl that he could get over Hayden with. And then an idea came to mind. There was a party tonight. Maybe he would find a girl there.

Hayden was sitting in her bed waiting for Chase to come back over so he could meet her dad. Hayden was wearing the same outfit, and brushing it down when she heard the doorbell ring. "I GOT IT DAD!" She screamed from upstairs. She ran down the stairs and flung the door open to reveal Chase wearing black skinny jeans, a maroon polo sweater and white supras. "Hey babe." He said smiling causing her to blush. "Hey." She kissed his cheek, walking im inside. she turned around and her dad was standing there. "Hello. You must be Chase." He said shaking Chase's hand. "Yes sir. Nice to meet you." He said. When he let go of her dad's hand Chase intertwined his fingers with Haydens. She smiled at him.

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