Love, is more than just a game for two.

Hayden Daniels was just an ordinary girl until she met Jack Vaughn. The two absolutely hate each other. But will Hayden's feeling of hate and discust grow to be love and passion?
Jack Vaughn, a 18 year old boy. The ideal version for every girl, charming, funny, talented, but despised the fact that a certain girl didnt fall for him like all the others. She was the only one is school who did'nt like him. Jack will do everything in his power to get her to fall for him, but in the process, will this game become more than just a game?


16. Chapter sixteen

Hayden smiled widely, watching as Jack grabbed her hand and ran. Ran as fast as he could. They had no idea where they were going, where they would be led. He just kept running, looking back every once in a while smiling at her lovingly. Her eyes were full of excitement and love. He eventually stopped, reaching Hayden's home. She opened up the door, as they headed up to her room. she turned and shut the door behind them, and turned back to Jack, who was laying on the bed. She crawled into next to him. "Hayden?" JAck asked carefully. "Yea?" She said, laying on the opposite side of the bed, looking at the ceiling. He looked over at her, intertwining their fingers together. "I love you." He said kissing her hand. "I love you too." She smiled back. She laid her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, and felt his breathing get deeper. Along with his, so did hers. They lay like that quietly sleeping, soaking in each others love, feeling the intense feeling of care surround them. In his sleep, Jack gripped Haydens waist tighter to him, never wanting to let go.

Hayden slwoly woke up, feeling the sun shine on her face, noticing that her window shades were open. She still felt Jack breathing beneath her, so she slowly got up, only to be pulled back down. "And just where do you think your going?" He said, still not opening his eyes. "To the bathroom." She giggled. "Nope." He pulled Hayden down in one swift movement, causing her to giggle and he chuckled, nuzzling his face into her hair. "You smell good." He said. "Thanks?" She giggled again, as he kissed her forehead. "I love you." He said softly looking into her eyes. "I love you too." She said back. The little twinkle in his bright blue eyes shown as he kissed her softly on the lips, and then her nose. He pulled back as they fell asleep in each others arms again.

But was Jack a changed man? Did he finally decide that Hayden was the one who would make him change his playing with girls ways? Or was he still the old Jack? The one who played with every girls heart, and then left them once he got what he wanted?

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