Love, is more than just a game for two.

Hayden Daniels was just an ordinary girl until she met Jack Vaughn. The two absolutely hate each other. But will Hayden's feeling of hate and discust grow to be love and passion?
Jack Vaughn, a 18 year old boy. The ideal version for every girl, charming, funny, talented, but despised the fact that a certain girl didnt fall for him like all the others. She was the only one is school who did'nt like him. Jack will do everything in his power to get her to fall for him, but in the process, will this game become more than just a game?


6. Chapter six

Her hands romaed his back as his hands snaked up her shirt rubbing the soft skin on her stomach. Jacks growing buldge in his pants had become more noticble as he began to unbutton Haydens top. Button by button, haydens shirt opened wider, and Jack noticed more of her exposed skin. He moved his lips from her neck to the bottom of her stomach and up between her breasts. Her moaning becoming more audible. "Jack..." Hayden breathed, Jack mumbling against her stomach. The vibrations of her voice against her skin turning her more on. Hayden pulled Jack by his colar back up to her lips, wanting to feel the soft lips. She pulled Jack's shirt off, exposing his stomach to her. His very noticable six pack showing as she stared down, glazing her fingers across them, down to the waist band of his pants. He looked her in the eyes smiling at her. "You are beautiful." He whispered. Leaning down and kissing her lips. Hayden pushed Jack off her when she heard a car door slam shut outside. "Get up! And get out! My dad is home early!" She whispered as JAck pulled his shirt back on, exiting through the back door, he stepped out and then rushed back to Hayden. He turned her around kissing her pulling away, smiling at her, and then stepping out. Rushing through the yard to his home.

Hayden through her shirt on, sitting on the leather couch smiling at herself. The door opened. "Hey sweetie." HEr dad said walking over kissing her on the top of her head. "Hey dad." Hayden said back. "How was school?" He asked setting his brefcase on the kitchen counter. He opened the fridge and got an apple, taking a bite. "Good, aced my trig test." Hayden said walking over to the door of her bed room. "Good, oh hey sweetie?" HEr dad called. "YEa dad?"  "We are having a dinner party for the folks at my work, and I would like it if you had a date? How about the nice boy down the street?" HE asked. Hayden grinned, blushing. "I'll ask him dad." Hayden said walking into her bedroom, smiling like an idiot. She walked out of her house, and down the street to Jack's house.

Jack was racing out of the yard to his home, when a familar car was parked there. "Amie?" He asked as she stepped out of the car. "Hey Jack." The seduction in amies voice clearly showing.

Amie had long blonde hair and bright green eyes. She always wore tight clothing, exposing her skin and parts easily. She was popping her gum, as she walked toward him, trying to act sexy. He backed away, realizing his new found feelings for Hayden. "What Amie?" He asked fear spreading on his face. "I wanted to talk." She said as Jack kept backing up. "Come here silly!" She said high pitched. She pulled him close, and then kissed him forcefully. He tried to push her oof, when in the corner of his eye, noticing Hayden stading there.

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