Love, is more than just a game for two.

Hayden Daniels was just an ordinary girl until she met Jack Vaughn. The two absolutely hate each other. But will Hayden's feeling of hate and discust grow to be love and passion?
Jack Vaughn, a 18 year old boy. The ideal version for every girl, charming, funny, talented, but despised the fact that a certain girl didnt fall for him like all the others. She was the only one is school who did'nt like him. Jack will do everything in his power to get her to fall for him, but in the process, will this game become more than just a game?


7. Chapter seven

Hayden stood there horrified with tears brimming her eyes. "Hayden!" Jack shouted pulling the girl off of him. "Its not what it looks like!" He begged. "Oh. It looks like you are kissing this slut." She screamed back in his face. His face turned soft, as he stepped toward her. "Whatever its not like we were actually together." Hayden states brimly turning on her heel and swiftly walking back to her home. She wiped the tears that painted her face angrily away. She walked into her home, confronted by her dad. "Hey sweetie Pie! Is your friend coming over?" He asked kissing his daughters forehead. "No. He um. He couldnt make it." She hated lying but she didnt want to tell her dad. "Alright sweetie, go get changed and come back downstairs. The guests will be here soon, and another one of my coworkers is bringing her son, so you wont be alone." He smiled sweetly at her as she smiled back, and headed up stairs. She shut her door, and walked into her bathroom, looking in the mirror. She let a few more tears fall as she wiped them away, trying to fix her face. She applied concelear trying to hide the red on her face, and took deep breaths calming herself down. She pulled on her blush pink dress and matching heels, walking downstairs after being upstairs for over an hour.

When Hayden approached the downstairs living room, she heard music softly playing, and she brushed her dress softly with her hands, as she reached the bottom step. Her eyes wondered the room looking for her father, when her eyes met a pair of icey blue butcher eyes. The tall boy removed the red cup from his face as he smiled softly showing a little dimple, as she took him in. His black hair was matched perfectly with his olive toned skin, and his perfect white teeth showing. She smiled softly back as she blushed slightly. She went and sat at the dining room table as she wanted away from the noise. "Hi." A voice said behind her. She turned her head to see the black haired boy. "Hi." she said smiling. "Can I sit with you?" He asked motioning to the chair in front of her. "Sure." Hayden said. "Whats your name?" He asked as he took a seat. "Hayden Daniels. And yours?" She asked taking a sip from the soda she had in front of her. "Chase Longly." He said smiling at her. She blushed slightly, still making eye contact.

Jack, after yelling at Amie to go home, punched the wall in his room as he layed back on his bed. "FUCK!" He screamed. He put his hands on his face, what the hell just happened? He asked himself. He got up, and he had a perfect view of Haydens dining room, he watched her smile and laugh with a boy that wasnt him. She was still laughing and wathcing the boy in front of her. Her smile was beautiful to him. He immediately felt a feeling that he never felt before. It hurt his stomach. Was it jealousy? No. Jack Vaughn never gets jealous, of anyone or anything. But indeed it was. He never felt something like this before.

Hayden laughed with the boy infront of her. For the first time, she was smiling genuinly. She watched his movements soft and loving as he moved closer to her. Soon enough he was close enough where she could smell his cologne. They finally quieted down as he looked down at his cup. "I like you." Chase said, finally looking into Haydens eyes as she blushed slightly. "I like you too." She said back softly. He chuckled to himself. And looked over at Hayden.

Chase was never so attracted to a girl like Hayden before. But she was different. Maybe it was the way her chestnut hair flowed off of her shoulder, or maybe the way her auburn eyes had a tinted sparkle in them. Maybe it was the way her cheeks blushed and turned a pink rosy color everytime he complimented her. He touched her hand slightly, as he asked her for her number. "Sure." She smiled at him. Chase's smile had grown wider as he handed her his phone. Her nimble hands typed in her number, and he smiled. His mom walked in the room. "Hey Chase, we are heading out, lets go." She smiled slightly at the sight of Hayden. "Yes maam." HE said turning back to Hayden. He kissed her on the cheek, "Thanks. I'll text you later?" He said, as she got up to hug him. "Ok." She smiled at him, as he walked out of the room. After he left, she walked out of the room, and noticed that her father just finished cleaning up.

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