I only got One Shot

It's almost valentines day and Megan only has one shot at impressing the most attractive, romantic, charming Harry Styles. She's been crushing on him since middle school. They used to be close but Harry grew more popular and Megan grew more dorky. Harry was in Soccer and Megan was in the Band. She has an idea but it might not work out like she has planned. Especially with Ashley Coleman, the head cheerleader and the prettiest girl in the school. Will it work? Or will she just be one of the crowd.


1. One Shot.

"Tomorrow is Valentines day and as you may know, we are selling carnations to help raise up for our band! So good luck everyone!"

I was the head of the board, such as profits, and I have the hugest crush on the one and only. . . Harry Styles. We used to hang out as friends in middle school but we just grew up. I see him in the halls and every time I wanna go up to him and say, "Hi", I feel like the cheerleaders that totally surround him will kill me with their venom. Especially Ashley Colemon. She's been all over Harry since day 1 at freshman year. Now we're sophomores and I wanna ask him out, or rather want him to ask me out. But how you might ask? Well I've been working on this plan since the summer. 

Simply talk to him. Hang out. Remember the good ol' days that we used to share. We've actually been talking to each other but alone and hardly having the spare time to talk to one another with the snakes, I mean cheerleaders. I blame them for changing him. He was so sweet, and charming. Now he has to act like he's such a bad boy and has to impress everyone. That how it works here in high school. Sometimes. 

I had my basket of carnations hanging on my arm when I spotted him. Just act normal. What is the definition of normal anyways? Surely I'm not it. I walked up to him with full confidence to just ask him if he wants to buy one. . . then I was rudely interrupted by the one and only Ashely. 

"Oh! Dork! If you don't mind I'm just gonna snatch him away from you If you don't mind!"

"Actually I was gonna ask him-"

"What!? To ask you out! Now that's never gonna happen! His reputation is gonna be ruined! And we can't have that don't we?"

"Actually I was gonna ask him if he wanted to buy a carnation wicked witch."

She gave me a "yucky" face and before I could say bye to him she slapped my basket outta my hands and all the flowers were everywhere. Now I'm gonna be late to class. She called Harry as if he was a dog to go to class with her or they'll be late. He gave me a "I'm sorry" look and ran up the stairs. While i was the only one in the hallway picking up my flowers I heard someone run down the stairs. Oh it's possible just a random student, so I didn't look up. I turned around to grab a flower when my hand meet someone else's. I look up and it was Harry with his charming smile. 

"May I help you?" he asked. 

"Yeah sure! Thanks, " I responded. 

"I agree, " he said. But I was a lil confused. 

"Agree with what?"

"She is the wicked witch isn't she?" he said with a laugh. I joined too. It was just like the good ol' times. A flashback. 

"Won't you hurt your reputation for helping me, " I asked.

"I'm tired of everybody expecting me to be the smartest, the coolest, the cutest, guy at school. It's not me."

"I know. I've known that this, whatever this is hasn't been you since middle school. You changed Harry, " I said. Not trying to kill the mood but it was coming. 

"I know. I should've just stayed closer to you, "

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"When I see you band kids having a great time being dork, and not caring about what other people think makes me regret hanging out with the cool kids, " he said. 

After picking up the rest of the carnations, we said our good-bye's but he grabbed my arm and turned me to face him. 

"You know what I could do to break this 'Reputation' and popularity? Also I've been dying to ask you this since freshman year. . .  - "he said and his face got a lil blushed. But it was cute.

Wait. Is he gonna do what I think he is gonna do? Megan don't screw this up. Act "normal". Be yourself. 

"Will you be my valentine?" he asked with his crooked smile I remember from middle school years, and that sparkle in his eyes. 

"I accept your request, " I said. My face was heating up and I knew I was blushing and I knew he could clearly see it. This is gonna change things for both of us for now on. 



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