I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


12. To the mall !!!

It was Saturday so there was no school today. I really had nothing to do so I was just sitting on my bed playing cut the rope on my iPhone. I was really into it, I was on level 3 on the magic box. The level with all the magic hats. *beep, beep* 1new text from Niall :). I opened the text and read it in my head. "Hey, I'm bored and so are the boys, would you like to go to the mall with us? Pleeeeaaaase?!" Finally! Something to do. "Yes! Can you come pick me up?! I don't know where the mall is." I texted back. He knew where I live since he had walked me home before. *beep* "sure, then we'll pick up the boys" Niall texted me. "K, sounds great!" 5 minutes later Niall was nocking on my door. "COME IIINN!" I shouted from the kitchen, eating some cookies I had baked while I was waiting. He opened the door and walked in. Kyle had left a while ago to go to the skate park with some friends. "Mmm, smells good!" Niall said as he walked in, and towards the kitchen where the sent was coming from. "YOU MADE ME COOKIES?!" He yelled excitedly as he took 3 of them and started eating. "No I did not make YOU cookies" I said. "But you can have some" "YAAAY!!!!" He shouted grabbing another cookie. I laughed and grabbed the last one. "NO THAT'S MY COOKIE!" He yelled at me. I laughed and said "nope it's mine!" And I took a bite out of it. "GIVE ME THE COOKIE!" He yelled at me and ran towards me, but I ran away and he started chasing me. I was laughing so hard as I ran upstairs, but when I got upstairs he grabbed my wrist, spun me around and took the half eaten cookie out of my hand, and shoved it in his mouth. "Mmm, good cookie!" Niall said after he was done. "You owe me a new cookie" I said, laughing. We went down stairs and starred to walk down the side walk, probably going to get the guys.
***************** 10 minutes later
We got the guys and started walking to the mall. I brought my purse so I could buy things and not just look. I only had $200 to spend though. At the mall we went to one of the mall map thingys. "Where are we going first?" Zayn said. "ARDENES!" I shouted excitedly. "Nooo" Louis whined "I wanna go to west fowty nine" he said talking like a two year old. "Why don't we go to ARDENES, and then west 49?" Liam said. "Fine" Louis said and pulled the best mad little kid face he could. It didn't last long though cause he burst out laughing aswell as every one elce. We walked to Ardenes and I walked over to wear they sold shoes. Louis went over to the bikinis, put a bikini top on came over to me and Niall and said "this one, or the purple one over there?" He said pointing to the rest of the bikinis, he was referring to buy one for himself. Haha. "I actually think the one you have suits you better!" Niall said, laughing. "Ya, it clashes with your eyes" I said joining in. "I'm sorry, but your going to have to take that off!" The stir worker said as she walked over to us. "Fine! But I might buy it later!" Louis said to her. Niall and I burst out laughing! The worker to the bikini top from him and walked away looking really mad. Hahahahahahaha. "What size feet are you?" Niall asked. He was going to help me find shoes?! "Um, 8" I said. "K". "Do you like these?" He asked holding out a pair of purple sparkly heels. "Oh my god! I love them!!" I said taking the shoes from him and trying them on. "Perfect!" I said. "They look nice on you, you should get them!" Niall said to me. "I will!" Wow, this boy had good taste in shoes. I went to the cashier and paid for the shoes. We left the store and went over to west 49, like Louis wanted. The boys walked around and looked for something to buy. I stood there unsure of what to do, I don't usually like the things for girls at west 49, I sometimes do, and this one had mostly guy clothes. "Come on!" Niall said grabbing my wrist. "I help you get something, now you have to help me!" "K!" I sighed and followed him through the store. I saw this green sweater that said 'THIS GUY ROCKS!" On the back of it. It was kindof Nialls style so I picked it up and showed it to him. "What about this?" He laughed and said "you know me so well!" "I've known you for like, 4 days" I said back to him. "Well, then your just amazing!" "Yup, ok" I said sarcastically. "You are!" "Ok ok, I am" "good" he said back. "Hey, you even got the right size!", "Lucky me!" I said. After the boys paid for their items we went to the food court, Niall was complaining about being hungry. We ate and started to walk back home.
******************* 15 minutes later
We had dropped off the boys and I was back at her house. It still kinda smelled like cookies. Even after an hour of shopping! "Thanks for bringing me!" London said. "No problem, I didn't want you to be left home being bored!" She just smiled at me. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to spend the rest if the day with her. I walked in her kitchen and opened her cupboards. "What do you think YOU'RE doing?!" London asked, walking up behind me. "Looking for food!" I said smiling. She laughed. Oh my god! I love that laugh. I wanted to hear it again so I took out a box of cookies, took a cookie, turned around and shoved it in her mouth. "There, you got your cookie!" I said remembering this morning. She took the cookie out of her mouth laughed and yelled "THIS WAS ALREADY MY COOKIE! IT WAS IN MYY KITCHEN!" Haha. "And now it's in you mouth" I said as she took a bite out of it. *buzzz* I took my phone out if my pocket to see the text. '1 new text from 'mom'. I opened the text and read it. 'Come home now! Where are you?!' I sighed. "What?" London said sounding a little concerned. "My mom, she wants me to get home" "oh" London said sounding a little disappointed. "Hey, why don't we have a movie night tomorrow, at my place?" "You can sleep over if you want!" I really hoped she would say yes. She smiled. "Great! I love movies!" "K! I'll come and get you at like, 5!" "Yay!" She said sounding excited. We walked over to the door. "Bye!" London said to me. "Bye, see you tomorrow!" And with that I left and started walking home.
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