I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


19. Pool!


I woke up the next morning and went to school. School seemed to go by so quickly because I was excited to go to Louis pool. At the end of the school day I walked home and put my swim suit on, and then shorts and a tank top. I chose a towl, and then went to the kitchen. It was June, so it was defiantly not cold out side. I went into the kitchen and picked out some candy from the cupboards that I thought I could share with every one. Fuzzy peaches, smarties, skittles, sour patch kids, jolly ranchers, just a bunch of different candies. I say on the couch and waited for Niall to come. 5 minutes later. *knock knock* I heard as Niall opened the door a little and peeked his head in. "You ready to go?" Niall asked when he saw me. "Yeah!" I said with a big smile. He smiled back. "K let's go!" He took my wrist and dragged me out the door. "What's in the bag?" He asked looking down at me and smiling. "My towl, ad some candy, don't worry, that candy is still in the packages" I told him. "The candy not being in a packaged would have never crossed my mind!" He said while laughing. I laughed too. "Oh, over here" he said as I almost passed a semi large house. It was made of grey bricks, and it was really pretty. Oh ya, I remember this house from when Niall and I picked him up to go to the mall. Niall and I walked up to the door and Niall nicked on it, but didnt wait for an answer and dragged me inside. "YAY, YOU'RE HERE!" Louis shouted as the boys looked up at us. How long agoe did the arrive?! "And she brought candy!" Niall said. "CAANDY!" Harry shouted. "K, lets go to the back, you can put the candy on the outside table" Louis said. Liam opened the back door, which was glass, and was a sliding door. We walked onto the back porch and put the candy on the table, and I layed my towel out on the grass. I saw the other boys were already changed into their swim trunks. "London, are you just going to look around the backyard, or are you gonna swim?" Niall said as he jumped in the pool. He swam over to the edge of the pool and stared at me. "Ok ok, I'm going!" I said taking my top off, leaving my bikini top on instead. Then I took off my shorts and walked to the edge of the pool. Niall climbed out of the pool and stood beside me. "Is it cold?!" I asked? "No! It's so warm!" He said smiling. "I don't believe you! Why are you smiling?" I laughed. "I'm not lying!" He said. "Mmhhmm" I said and snapped my fingers in a 'z formation'. "HEY! OM THE SASS MASTER AROUND HERE!" Louis shouted from in the pool and snapped his fingers in a 'z formation'. "AAAHH!" I said as I fell in the pool. Niall pushed me in?! I turned around to see Niall smirking at me. "IT'S SO COLD!" I screamed. Niall jumped in the pool right beside me, splashing me as he landed in the water. He swam to the top of the water, and I splashed him. "Aye, what was that for?" Niall yelled. "Pushing me in, and splashing me!" I said. "WELL THIS IS FOR SPLASHING ME!" He yelled as he picked me up over his head and through me beside Liam. "AAAHH!" I screamed as I was on the air. SPLASH! I landed in the water right beside Liam. "IM NOT A POOL TOY!" I yelled at him. "NIALL DON'T THROUGH HER AT ME!" Liam yelled as he picked me up over his head too. "NO! STOP!!" I yelled. "Sorry, Niall needs his pool toy back!" He said to me and smirked. "IM NOT A POOL TOY!" I yelled. Ugh. Too late, he through me in the air back over to Niall. "AAAHH!" I screamed again. Hahahahahahaha. I heard Niall laugh as I reached the surface of the water. "Oh my god! Stop!" I yelled and hit his hard chest. I stared at his chest for a little bit. It was hard and toned, and you could see his 'v' lines. "K, ok, I'm sorry," he says. "Pool toy" he mumbled after. "Hey!" I yelled as I hit him again. "It sounded like it hurt when you hit the water when I threw thought!" He said. "Um, a little" u said. "Can I see? To like see if your skin is red or anything?" He asked. I could tell he was worried that he might have hurt me. "Oh, um sure," I said.


I was so worried that I might have hurt London. I was only fooling around, and I really didn't want to hurt her. "K, common" I said as I took her wrist and pulled her out of the pool. When I threw her, she landed in the water on her side, so that's where it would be hurt. I took her on the grass and turned her so I could see her side. Her scar was visible on her hip. "I can see your scar, don't know if you're ok with the guys seeing it, or if you wanted to cover it up..." I whispered in her ear. "Oh" she said as she pulled her bikini bottoms up a bit. I saw that her side was a little red from hitting the water so hard. "I'm sorry!" I said as she looked at her side. "No, it's fine, really, I can't feel it!" She said and gave me a reassuring smile. "K, but I'm still sorry" I said. I did feel really bad. She hugged me. God I love her hugs, I could stay like this all day. "Please don't be sorry!" She said. "Ok! I'm not sorry!" I said while laughing. We walked over to the edge of the pool. "REVENGE FEELS SO GOOD!" She screamed. "Wait, what?!" I said but then I knew exactly what she was talking about as she pushed me into the pool. I swam to the surface of the water and saw her laughing at me, I turned around and saw the boys laughing too. "Aah! Stop!" I yelled laughing now aswell. We swam for a little and London came out, she layed on her towel probably trying to tan a little. The boys and I swam for a little longer and then I came out leaving just the boys. I walked our to London who was lying on her back on her towel with her eyes closed. "Hey London," I said poking her. "Why are you tanning? Your already so beautiful, you can't get any more beautiful! She smiled and turned to face me opening her eyes. "But maybe I won't be so pale if I tan!" She said. "YOU ARE NOT PALE!" I yelled. "K, but I could still use a tan" "I don't even know how you girls can stay still like that for so long, it would be so boring!" I said. "Would you rather I get a spray ran?!" She said while laughing. "No! Then you'll look like a carrot, Louis would like it though!" I said laughing. "Stop it!" She laughed while lightly hitting me on the arm. She got up off her towel and walked over to where the candy was. All the boys came running over. "HEY I WANT SONE CANDY TOO!" Liam shouted as Harry shook out his wet hair like a dog.
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