I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


5. New School.

   *Beep, beep, beep* I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. Uhg! I hate mornings. I guess Im going to school today, Im not really excited, I'd rather stay in my new house alday, maybe unpack. But thats booring too. Oh, well, I have to go today, so I guess I will have to make the best of it. I wisk Mattie were here to help me. She would always help me on situations like these. I went over to my suitcase ('Cause I havn't unpacked at all) and picked out an out fit. I chose a purle shoulder shirt, with a black tanktop underneath, and black skinny jeans. I went down stairs ate breakfast and went back up stairs to fix my hair. I wore it down. "Bye mom Im leaving!" I called out "K, have a nice day!" she said walking into Kyles room. I went down stairs grabbed my bag and slipped on my purple vans. My favourite colour is purple! I went out side, and started to walk to school. ************ 4 minutes later. I walked into the building and over to the office. "Excuse me," I said as I walked in. "Um, Im new here, and I was wondering if I could have a time table and a locker number please?!" "Yes, and what is your name sweetie?" the secritary said. She was a girl with red hair, blue eyes. Weird combanation. "London Bodlaire" I said. "Ok, here is your time table and locker number, now hurry off to class" she said holding out the papers. I took them and said "Thank you" as I walked out. I looked at my locker number. '289'. I walked over to locker 289, and read the combanation on the peice of paper '89,23,2'. I entered the combanation and opened the locker. Beside my locker was another locker with a blonde haired boy standing infront of it. He wasn't the guy from the airport though. He had blue eyes, and he was taller than me. Hwe looked over at me and asked "Your new?" he had an Irish accent, I love accents! "Um ya." I said back. He just nodded his head and smiled. He was actually kinda cute. I put my bag in my locker and looked at my time table. 'Literacy room 5'. I grabbed my binder, and a pencil, and walked over to room '5'. I opened the door, and I saw that the blonde haired boy from earlier  was there! He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, and looked at the teacher. "Hello class," the teacher began "We have a new student here today her name is.." she looked at me expectantly. " London Bodlair" I said. "Ok" she continued "Does any one have any questions they would like to ask London?" Instantly most of the class' hands went up. Wow! I did not want to answer any questions. I looked at the blonde haired boy and saw that he had his hand up. I picked him "Um, whats your favourite colour?" he asked. Glad these were easy questions! "Purple I replied". He smiled. One girl asked "Where were you before here?" "The U.S" I answered. Another boy asked "Are you single?" lots of hands went down. Oh. "Um, yes" Lots of the guys smiled and the guy who asked the question winked at me. I blush slowly krept onto my face. "Ok, you can go sit down now." the teacher said to me. I went and sat at an empty desk in the backrow. "Im Mrs. Heather" the teacher said to me. "Would every one like to tell London their names?" Mrs.Heather said to every one. One by one every one said their names. There were names like 'Alyssa, Payton, Jordan, Mak, Sam'. The Irish boys name was Niall. And the guy who asked me if I was single said "My name is Jack, and Im a good sex mate" he winked. "That is enough Jack!" Mrs.Heather said to him. He just smirked at me and turned around. I could already tell that I wouldn't like him. Classes went by quickly, and I was just leaving the school when Jack came up to me and said "Take me to your house sexy. Close the door tight. Let me please you all night long." "Get away from me" i said taking a step back. He just grabbed my shoulder and slowly krept his hand up my top. I tried to stuggle free but he was too stronge. "Get away from me" I shouted in his face. "HEY!" I heard someone shout. I looked over and saw Niall running over to us. "Get away from her!" he yelled "Cant you see she doesnt want you?! She wants me!" Jack said, as he started trying to make out with me. I tried to pull away, but his stronge hand was holding the back of my head, now out from under my shirt. Niall pushed him away and said "You've got a serious problem man, just go away." Jack stepped forward towards Niall and let go of me. I stumbled away, and leant on the tree that was behind me. "What ya goin to do about it?" He said trying to sound tough. "Just get away, or I'll call the police." Niall said back angrilly. Jack turned around and quietly said to me "Maybe tomorrow babe" and winked at me. "Uhg, get away from me" I said back. He turned around again and walked away. Niall came up to me and said "You Ok?" "Ya, I guess so". I said. He nodded and turned around, and walked away. Why did he always do that? He would never talk to me for very long! I got off of the tree and walked back home.



       I can't beleive what Jack had just tried to do! I was just so angry! Why would he even think about doing that to a girl?! Its cruel! And it was her first day here, what if she doesn't come back? Shes beautiful, and I would like seeing her beside my locker every day! Even if she never wanted to be friends, or friendship didn't work between us. I would like to be her friend. But whenever I talk to her, I feel like Im going to throw up! She probebly thinks Im one of those guys who just doesnt make friends with the new people! Ugh, I dont want her to think that about me! Then I would never have a chance with anything with her. Even if its friendship, or more than that! She looks very nice, and shes in most of my classes! Just hopefully, Jack doesnt do anything else to make her leave this school!

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