I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


17. More than a friend?


I sat on my bed thinking about what happened yesturday and today with Niall. How he wrapped his arms around me when we went to sleep and how I got butterfly's when he did that. I thought about how he had helped me get rid of that guy, and how he made me feel safe when he did so. I thought about how he listened and understood when I told him about my scar, and how that made me feel like I could tell him any thing. How he made waffles, which are 1 of my favourite foods, made me feel like he new me really well. How he whore onsies just like me, made my feel happy. How he's always so funny, and fun to be around, makes me want to be around him more. Then I started thinking about other days when he was around. Like the time when every one was calling me a slut, and a whore, how he told them to stop, and it made me feel like someone cared. How he followed me to the bathroom that same day, made me feel warm. I thought about when we went to the mall and he picked out the perfect pair of shoes, he made me feel like he new every thing about me. How he always called me beautiful, he made me feel pretty. No one elce have ever made me feel like that. And maybe, I think I like him more than a friend. But I can't tell him, it will ruin our friendship. I know he doesn't feel the same way about me.
"GUYS IM HOME!" My mothered voice rang from down stairs. "I HAVE SOMEONE I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET, CAN YOU PLEASE COME DOWN STAIRS?!" My mother called. Who would she want us to meet, the mayor? I came out of my room and saw Kyle coming out if his. "Who the hell does she want us to meet?" He whispered to me. "I was thinking the exact same thing" I said. "Oh, and by the way, how is it going with you and that girl?" I asked still wispering. "Great, we went on a dare yesturday, still not her boyfriend though" he whispered. "Great!" I wispered to him. I didn't know why we were still whispering though. We made our way down stairs only to see a tall man with black hair and light skin, standing next to my mother with his arm around her. "I didn't tell you this before, because we were only dating but," my mother said with a huge smile on her face. "This us my boyfriend, Dave, Dave, this is London," she pointed to me "and this is Kyle" she pointed to Kyle. I really wasn't mad that she had a boyfriend, and he looked nice enough, I was actually happy for her. I smiled at Dave and then at mom. "Yay, you finally found someone to love!" I said. Kyle looked happy for her too. "Why don't I make dinner and then we'll all eat." My mother said to us. "K, I'll be upstairs" I said as Kyle walked to the couch and turned on the T.V. I ran upstairs and into my room. And I texted Niall.

Buzz buzz. Liam had gone home and my phone buzzed in my pocket. I took out my phone and read. '1 new text from 'London <3 <3' I opened the text right away and read "my mom got a boyfriend, his name is Dave!" Was she happy about that, or mad. I texted her back. "Good, or bad?" I got a text right away. "Good!" Good! I didn't want her to be mad. "Great! What's his name?" I replyed. "Dave" she answered right away. I wanted to ask her out but I knew she didn't like me that way. I didn't really know what to say, but I didn't want our conversation to end. "Um, I have to go eat dinner" I wrote back as my mother called from downstairs. "K, I do to" she said.
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