I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


13. Mattie?!


I woke up the next morning at 1 in the afternoon. I didn't know I was that tired! Wow. I hadn't talked to Mattie in a while, so I decided to call her. I typed in her number on my phone and pressed call, after 3 rings she picked up. "Hello?" Mattie's voice called through the phone. "Hey Mattie! It's me, London!" I said excited to talk to her. "Who?" She said. What does she mean 'who?' We're best friends! "Your best friend! London!" I said, getting a little worried, how could she not remember me?! "I'm sorry, I don't know a London! My best friend is Alise, has been since I can remember!" She said to me. Alise?! We hated her. "This is Mattie Lenon right?" I said through the phone, hoping she would say no, and I got the wrong number. But that didn't happen. "Yes! Who are you?! You stalker! And how did you get my number?!" Mattie said, she actually sounded angry. "It's me! London! We were best friends! Till I actually moved to London. Don't you remember me?! We were best friends since kindergarten?!" I called, tears forming in my eyes. How could she not remember me?! Is this a joke?! No, Mattie would never make a joke like this. "Um, I never knew a 'London'" she said through the phone sounding annoyed. "But Mattie!" I said tears falling from my eyes uncontrolably. "You have to remember me!" "Sorry, I've never known a London" "but!" I said, not knowing what to say. How could she just erase me from her mind? "I don't have time for this" she said as she hung up the phone. I was left, sitting there crying on my bed. How could she forget me.
************************************************************4 hours later.

I was still crying on my bed. I had been crying for 4 hours! I just couldn't stop thinking about every thing we had been through, and now she can't even remember me! My phone had buzzed several times, and even range once but I never picked up, I never checked who the texts were from, I wasn't in the mood.
I sat on the couch. Why wasn't London replying to my texts, or answering my calls?! Something was up. It was 5:00 so I was supposed to be picking her up anyways. Greg had left to hang out with some friends, and my mom was at work and my dad didnt live with us. I got up and started to walk to London's house.
***************5 minutes later
I was at her house nocking on her door, but she never answered. I range the door bell, still no answer. I texted her telling her that I was here, but of course she didn't answer. Was she mad at me for something? Did one of the boys tell her I like her more than a friend and now she thinks it will be awkward?! I hope not. I wasn't going to leave so I tried opening the door, and surprisingly it wasn't locked! "LONDON?!" I called though the house. "Go away!" She cried. She sounded like she was crying. Why was she so upset. "LONDON WHAT'S WRONG?" I called going up the stairs and over to where her voice was coming from, probably her room. "Just go away, I'm not in the mood!" She called through a door in her hall way. I knocked on the door. "London, can I come in?!" I said through the door. "No! Just go away!" "London please!" I said my voice raising a little, not because I was mad but because I was worried, I had never heard her so upset before. "NO!" She cried again. Was it something I did that made her upset?! I don't think do, but I couldn't help but think that, or something horrible happened. "LONDON LET ME IN!" I shouted. I tried opening the door but it was locked. "LONDON PLEASE! LET ME IN! WHAT'S WRONG?" I called. U was getting really worried. "NO! JUST GO!" She called, why did she want me to leave so badly?! "IM NOT LEAVING! WHAT'S WRONG?!" I shouted again. But this time I think some one heard me. "Who are you?!" A guy with light brown hair said to me. He looked a little older than me, but he wasn't really trying to be intimidating. "Uh, Niall, London's friend" I said. "Oh, I'm her brother, Kyle". Oh. "Is she mad at you or something?" He asked me. "I don't know! She wasn't answering my calls or texts, she didn't even come down stairs to let me in, but she sounds really upset!" I said worriedly. "Oh! Than she might not be mad at you, she usually tells people when she is mad at them." "Oh, do you know why she's upset then" "No!" "London, let us in!" He called through the door. "No! Please, just go!" London said. "LONDON LET US IN!" He shouted pounding on the door. "LONDON PLEASE, LET US IN!" I shouted. There was no reply, but she didn't open the door either. Me and Kyle looked at each other, we were both worried. "LONDON WHAT'S WRONG?! PLEASE TELL US!" Kyle shouted. "I have an idea..." He whispered to me. "K". "At the count of 3 we both slam into the door, you turn the handle at the same time, lets see if we can get it open!" "Sounds good" I said. "K, 1, 2, 3!" We both Ames into the door as hard as we could, as I also turned the handle. The door opened! "London what's wrong?!" I said as we ran towards her. Her face was red from crying, tears streaming from her eyes. She was sitting on the edge of her bed. "London please tell us" I said in a soft tone. "I um" she said through her tears. Kyle sitting on the bed on the other side of her. "I called Mattie, my um" she said as I started rubbing her back with my hand softly, I knew that comforted her. "My best friend, or was my best friend" "what do you mean London?" Kyle said to her. "Um, I called her, to see how things were, she um, she didn't remember me. She said her best friend was, was, Alise!" London said crying more. "Are you sure it was the right Mattie?" Kyle said, who obviously knew who Mattie and Alise were. "I asked if it was Mattie Lenon, since that's her last name, she said yes! Then she asked how I got her number and called me a, a stalker!" She said still crying really hard. "I'm sorry!" Kyle and I said at the same time. London turned a little do she was facing me, and hugged me with her face in my chest, as she was crying. I hugged her back and put my chin on her shoulder, still ridding her back with my hand. "She'll be ok" Kyle said to me as he got up and left the room. "You still wanna come over and watch movies?" I whispered in her ear. She just nodded in my chest. "You wanna stay for the night, or go home after?" I asked hoping she would say yes, not because I want to go in bed with her, cause I don't, but because I want to spend more time with her" she nodded again. She was still crying, but she was calming down a little. "You should pack a bag soon then" I whispered in her ear, still hugging her. It felt so right to hug her, I didn't really want it to end. "But not to soon" I said. I could hear her laugh a little. Good! I was cheering her up. 3 minutes later she was packing her bag and asking me which clothes she should wear. She still seemed a little upset, but not too upset. "Um, the purple t-shirt, with the blue skinny jeans, and those purple vans" I said. She nodded happily and put the clothes in her bag. She had also put in a purple onsie. Yay! Ill wear my U.S onsie! Lots of her clothes were purple, I guess she really likes purple. Haha. After about 10 minutes later she was packed and calling to her brother "I'm going to Nialls house, see you tomorrow!" "K, just don't do anything that involves getting topless!" He called back. Haha, he was saying it as a joke. "We're just friends!" London called out. "K! Bye!" He said. We opened the door, and started walking to my place.
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