I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


18. I can work through it


I walked to school and waited near a tree until they let people in. I was a little early but I wasn't the only one there. Unfortunately I kinda wish I was. A girl named Sarah that was in one of my classes was here, I didn't mind her, and so was Ishmael, jade, and Todd, I didn't mind them either. There were also people that weren't in any of my classes, so because I didn't know them I didn't care that they were here, but the person I did mind was Jack. Jack was here waiting in the parking lot leaning on his car. I was in grade 12 so lots of people in my classes did have cars. He saw me sitting under the tree and started walking over to me. "Hey babe" he said, leaning on the tree. "Go away!" I snapped as I got up. "Hey, you know what I said a few days ago, about us having sex?" Jack asked. "What about it?" I said. "I would like to try it, I bet you would be very flexible!" He said smiling devishly. "Go away!" I said. Walking away from him. As I walked away, I walked pass a group if people that weren't in any of my classes, except 1, who's name was Luke. "Slut!" One of the guys called out. "Whore!" A girls voice called. "Can I be next, I'll pay you?!" Luke called. Every one laughed. "Fuck off!" I said turning to them, but then turning back and walking away. I wasn't going to cry, and I didn't even feel like crying, I just didn't care what they thought of me. "HEY! LONDON!" An Irish voice called. I looked over to see where it was coming from and saw Niall sitting on the wall of the school. I walked over to him smiling. "Hey Niall!" I said as I sat down next to him. "What classes do you have today?" He asked. "Um, let me check.." I said taking out my time table. "Physed with Mr. Bright, good! I brought gym clothes, Literacy with Mrs. Crow, MST with Mr. Lafluer..." I told him all my classes. "I have phased too, same time!" Niall said. "And MST". "Great!" I said cheerfully.

*********************5 minutes later

The doors opened and every one walked to their lockers. I put my bag in my locker and headed off for first period with Niall, which was physed. I carried my gym clothes in a purple gym bag. When Niall and I got to the gym I went into the girls change room, and of course, Niall went into the guys. I changed into black short shorts, most girls had black short shorts aswell, and I also changed into a plain purple tee. I wore the same shoes which were black converse. I came out of the change room and sat on the bench next to Niall, who apparently was a faster at changing then me. I felt several eyes on me, and I couldn't figure out why, was it because of the short shorts, was there something on my face? "Niall, why are they staring at me?" I asked Niall quietly. "I honestly don't know... Your wearing everything, there's nothing on your face, maybe it's because of the shorts, or the fact that you are beautiful." He replyed. "I'm not beautiful" I said. "Think what you think, but I'm telling you, you are". "LOOK WHO'S LOOKING FOR SOMEONE UP HER BUT?!" Someone shouted. "YOUR SHORTS ARE SO SHORT YOU CAN SEE EVERY THING! AND IT'S NOT AS SEXY AS I HOPED!" Another person shouted. "Your shorts really arnet any shorter then the rest of the girls" Niall said to me. "Which isn't that short..." I nodded. "I'LL BE UP HER BUT ANY DAY!" Another guy shouted. "SORRY, I THINK SHE'S ALREADY GOT SOMEONE, LOOK HOW CLOSE SHE IS TO NIALL!" A girl shouted. I looked at Niall and moved away from him a little, even though I wasn't very close in the first place. He just looked at me. "NIALL, WHEN YOUR DONE WITH HER, CAN I HAVE HER, USED TOYS ARE FINE FOR ME!" Jack shouted. Jack was in this class?! Oh great. And where was the teacher?! I still wasn't going to cry, I was just a little mad. "CAN YOU GUYS SHUT UP?!" Niall shouted. "SHE'S NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON, AND YOU KNOW IT!" He finished. "But we could make her into that kind of person!" A guy named Dan shouted. "We don't need to make her! She already is that kind of person, Niall just wants all the action!" Jack shouted. "Does she really fuck that good Niall?!" Someone called out. Wow, I really need to learn some of these names. "I WOULDN'T KNOW CAUSE SHE'S A VERGION! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!" Niall shouted. "JUST STOP WILL YOU?! YOU ALL KNOW I DON'T DO THOSE THINGS!" I shouted. "Calm down, class is starting." Mr. Bright said as he walked in the gym. "Ever one, we are going to start with some warm ups and stretches, please find a space in the gym!" The teacher continued. We all got off the bench and me and Niall found a spot in the corner. Jack, was not that far away. "Can we all start by touching our toes, keeping our legs straight?!" Mr. Bright said as he did the stretch. Me and Niall bent down and started doing the stretch. *SMACK!* I straightened up and looked around. Then I saw jack sneezing at me. Jack had smacked me in the but when I was doing the stretch. Ugh, so immatcher. "You ok?" Niall asked. "Uh, ya". I said and smiled at him. "Lean to the side and stretch your calf muscle!" Mr. Bright called through the gym. After we had finished doing our stretches mr. Bright had instructed us to run 20 laps around the gym. I ran around the gym with Niall close by me. Since he was my only friend, we kinda stocked together a little. And, Niall wasn't really that slow... After every one had finished their lap we all sat back down on the bench and waited for our next instruction. "I want every one to climb to the top of this rope!" Mr. Bright told us pointing to a rope that hung from the ceiling. . "Starting with the people on this end of the bench." He pointed to the end that Niall and I were on, though we weren't first to go. A couple people tried to climb up the rope but they never made it all the way up, including jack, who hardly made his way off the ground. It was my turn. I walked up to the rope and started to climb. It was easy at first, but then I started to get tired and I only ended up climbing halfway up. It was pretty good though, since most people made it less then half of the way up. Then it was Nialls turn. He walked up to the rope and started climbing. You could see as his mucsels flexed when he climbed that he was really strong. Niall was the only one that made it to the top of the rope. When every one had climbed the rope we went back into the change rooms and changed into our normal clothes.

*******************1 period later

I sat at a table in the cafeteria waiting for the boys. First Liam came, then Louis, then Niall, then Harry, and lastly Zayn. So, what happened first block? Liam said trying to find something to talk about. "Um well physed wasn't very good" Niall said looking at me. "Oh, ya, I hate physed!" Zayn said. "Then I had literacy" I said "which was fine because I like writing" I finished "well that's good. Do you guys want to go swimming at my place tomorrow?" Louis asked. "Um, well, you know I can't swim..." Zayn said nervously. "Oh common Zayn! You can stay in the shallow end, and Liam said he is going to try to teach you!" Harry whined. "Oh fine!" Zayn said looking at Liam. "YAAAY! Can all of you come?" Louis said looking at the rest of us. "Yup!" Liam said "I'm going!!" Harry said excitedly "defiantly!" Niall said. "Uh, ya sure, it'll be fun!" I said "but I don't know where you live. "Oh that's ok, Niall can pick you up!" Louis said looking at Niall. "Ya, ill pick you up!" He said. "YAAAY! Every ones comming!" Louis said jumping in his seat
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