I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


10. How could she not know?


We had finished our classes, and I walked her home. We talked a little more, and I got her number! Yes!!! I went home after I walked her home, we lived pretty close, and went up to my room. I sat on my bed thinking about her. "It would be amazing if she was thinking about me too right now" I thought to my self. She obviously isn't but, I would still like to think she is. She's amazing, funny, caring, and beautiful! But she couldn't see it! Why couldn't she see it?! I really wish she did! It would be so much easier! Ugh! She's so amazing! Why does she hate compliments so much? It makes no sense. All these things kept running through my mind. I smelt food down in the kitchen so I went downstairs. I was so hungry, not very surprising though. "Hey can you set the table?" My mom said to me. I nodded and walked over to the droits to get the silver wear. I didn't feel like talking, I was still thinking about London. God, she is beautiful. After the table was set and the food was ready I sat down and started eating. Greg (my older brother) was at his girlfriends house. "Hunny, you seem kind if upset, is every thing alright?" My mom said to me. "Um, well, there's this new girl at my school. Her name is London. We're friends, and she's really beautiful, and I kinda like her more than friends, she doesn't though. And um, I told her she was beautiful, and she kept saying no. And she doesn't know I like her more than friends, and I don't want to tell her, cause right now she just wants a friend." "Oh, well, Hun, I don't really know what to tell you. But at least you guys are friends and just keep reminding her every day that she is beautiful." "But, she hates compliments" I said. "Oh, well I don't know what to say".
********* 5 minutes later
We finished dinner and I layed in my bed. I couldn't sleep very well, I was too busy thinking about London. I really like her!
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