I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


29. Back at home





  Once mum had checked me out of the hospital we all left, I was surprised that I got to leave so early, but I was also happy. I wasn't going to school tomorrow because of my head, but that's fine cause I still get to stay with Niall tonight. We climbed in the car with mom in the front seat, Kyle in the passenger, and Niall and I in the back. "Thank you Niall" my mom said to him "for talking care of her, and trying to protect her". "It was no problem, really" Niall said with a small smile, "no it is, you protected her, even when I didn't believe you, and when I couldn't" my mom said. Niall didn't say anything, he just nodded, I don't think he really knew what to say. We pulled in to my driveway and came out of the car. We walked inside and Niall and I walked into the living room, and sat on the couch. "Niall you can sleep on the couch, or I guess you can sleep with Lindon" my mom said. "Uh.." Niall said looking around for permission, but no one got the hint. "What ever your most comfortable with I guess" Niall said being as polite as possible, but I could tell he didn't want to sleep on the couch, besides the couch is sorta small, I don't think he would fit, haha. "Uh, he can sleep up stairs with me" I said looking at Niall, and then at my mom. "Okaaaayy.." My mom started, "but don't do anything up there, we're going to try to sleep, and I don't think noises will help" my mom said with a smirk. "MOM!! We're just friends!" I whined. "We won't do anything" Niall said, I could tell this was awkward for him. I stood up and started walking towards the stairs with Niall close behind, we started walking up the stairs, and then into my bedroom. Niall was still in his pajamas, and I still had to change out of the hospital gown. "I'll just change in the washroom" I said as Niall sat on the edge of the bed. "K, don't be long" Niall smiled. "I won't" I walked into the bathroom with the pajamas I had pulled from my dresser, and started to change. When I was done I opened the bathroom door and walked sleepily to my room. Niall was still sitting in the spot on the bed where I had left him. "Took you long enough!" Niall joked cheekily. "I did not take that long!" I laughed. "No? It took you 10 minutes! You were probably taking off your makeup then dancing around trying to make me wait longer!" He laughed. "No! And I wasn't wearing any makeup! I did not take 10 minutes! Maybe 5... But not 10!!" I whined. "Oh, so I guess your just naturally beautiful, you don't need makeup" Niall said with a wink. "I am anything but beautiful!" I replied I don't know why he thought I was so pretty, I think he needs to get his eyes checked. "If you say so, but I think you are" he said as I started to climb into bed. "Well, then your not too bad yourself" I cheekily said. "Oh?" He laughed climbing in next to me. "Niall.." I said in a serious tone. "What if he escapes? What if he comes back?" I said getting a little more scared. He knew I was talking about Dave. "He won't come back, and if he does, I will try even harder to protect you, I promise" Niall said while wrapping his arms around me. "Thank you Niall" I said before drifting off to sleep. 

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