I've loved you forever

London is told that she has to move schools! When she goes to her new school she has no friends and no one is opening up to being her friend. She tries to make friend but she is quite shy! Finally she meets a boy named Niall and they become great friends! But does Niall have a little more than friendship on his mind?

Please no hate this is my first movella and I hope it will turn out ok!


25. At the hospital


         KYLES POV:



  Oh my god! How could Dave do this?! I KNOW it wasn't Niall. He loves her. I can tell by the way he looks at her, and protects her, cares for her. Sort of like what I would do for a girl I love. I can't beleive my own mother didnt beleive me, and what would Niall be thinking right now?! He's probably so upset, 1 because London's mother doesn't beleive him, 2 because London's hurt, and 3 because there is a possibility that she could still have to live with dave!  I looked over at Niall to see him looking down at London, and it kinda looked like he was crying. He definitely loves her. 



                             NIALLS POV:



    How could London's mom not beleive me?! And her son too!  I feel so bad right now that I didn't run after Dave when he picked her up and started walking away with her. It's all my fault that this happened. A tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. Wait. I wonder I London noticed how we were sleeping! I had my arms around her, and her head was on my chest. She probably didnt even relise where her head was! Hope fully she didn't notice my arms around her, she would probably think it was awkward because she doesn't have feelings for me like that. I looked back down at London. My pants had blood all over them! But I didn't care, it just scared me that London was bleeding so much! 1 minute later we arrived at the hospital. We walked in and nurses took her right away to a room just down the hall. I tried to follow them, but once I got to the door, I wasn't allowed in. I'm so worried about her! "How did this happen?" I doctor said as he walked up to us. "I don't know exactly, I think by a knife, but I don't know who did it, it was one if those two" Katie said pointing to Dave and I. "I swear, I would never hurt her!" I said. "He's lying! He stabbed her! I just took the knife from him after, that's why there is blood all over him!" Dave said. Really?! He sounds like some little kidtrying to get out of trouble at school or something.. "Ok, well, you try to figure out what happened, I have to go and treat her" the doctor said, turning around and leaving. "Um, can you come with me for a second, only you" Katie said to me and then at Dave. "Me?" I asked. "Yes, sorry, I don't know your name" "oh, uh, ya sure" I said and followed her down the hallway to and empty waiting room. We sat down. "I'm not saying its you who did it, and I'm not saying its Dave, I'm just asking you, can you tell me what happened? I would like both of your stories" Katie said to me kindly. "Um ok," I said. "Start with your name though" "ok, im niall, and well, London seemed upset the other day, so she came over to my house. I'm sorry Miss. Cartway, she wasn't at my house for homework, she just didnt feel comfortable at home..." I said "it's ok, just, please go on" "ok, um so she told me she was upset because the day before that Dave had raped her. So then when she called you asking if she could stay over night, you said no, so I offered to stay over night and she said yes, because it would make her feel safer. So at 8 we went over to your house. Before she went my house Dave had yelled at me for packing her up, and he didn't want me to even know she was home, so when we arrived at your house, or her house, you were all in the kitchen, so we quietly snuck up the stairs so save wouldn't see me and get mad. We went in her room, and because she didnt gave any extra blankets, and only one bed, we slept in the same bed together. Don't worry, we're just friends. So a few minutes after we fell asleep, Dave must of came up and saw us, and got mad because I was there. So he slapped her really hard in the face. Which made her scream and wake up, and her scream, and the sound of the slap, made me wake up. Uh, I sorta forget what she said, but it made him slap her again. I told him not to touch her. He asked who I was, and so London started explaining, and he picked her up, and then threw her down the stairs. I tried to run out of her room, after he did that to see if she was alright. He came in and pushed me, and I fell on the ground, so he kicked me in the ribs. He told me not to move, or elce he'd kill me and then went down stairs. I got up, and ran down the stairs to see her. She was unconscious at the bottem of the stairs, and her head was bleeding. I pulled her onto my lap and tried to wake her up. That got blood on my clothes, but I really don't mind. Then Dave came back from the kitchen with a knife. And then you opened the door and saw us. Miss. Cartway, that's why the knife had no blood on it, cause no one ever actually used it. I swear I would never hurt her, ever, and please don't tell her this, but Kyle was right, I love her. I would never hurt her." I explained. "Ok, thank you, come on, lets go back, then I will talk to Dave. I followed Miss. Cartway down the hall, and back to the other waiting room. "Dave," she said with a smile, "follow me".



                         DAVES POV:



  What did that man whore tell Katie? Better not have told her the 'truth', ugh, I hate that little peice of shit. What ever. I followed Katie down the hall to another empty waiting room. "Hun, can you tell me what happened?" she asked as I sat down. "Well, after you left, I went and checked to see if London was home, like you asked me to. She wasn't. So I went back down stairs and sat on the couch, and waited for her to come home. After 2 or 3 minutes, London came home screaming, with this maniac kid with a knife chasing behind her. I tried to block London away from him, but he was too fast. Uh, then, he, uh,uh, I cant remember...."I said thinking of what else I should say. "Oh ya! I remember now! He pushed me out of the way, and chased after London towards the stairs. At the first step, he managed to stab London in the back of the head! I was so worried about her! Then, that kid started walking towards me. He tried to stab me too! That psycho path! But luckily I ducked just in time, and grabbed the knife from him, and then, just then, the front door opened, and you came in, with Kyle behind you, saying some non-sense about how that  lunatic aparently loves her." I explained, satisfied with my lie. "K, common, lets go back" Katie said giving me a small smile. I stood up and walked back to the other waiting room with her. "Kyle, please can you come with me dear? I need to ask you something" Katie said once we got back. Why would she need to ask HIM anything? Kyle wasnt there! "Uh, ya sure" he said, turning away from that Niall kid he was aparently talking to. 



                        KYLES POV:


    What did she want to ask me? I wasnt there! Oh well, Im willing to go if it means I might be helping Niall, who is REALLY upset about this, and seems to be worried about London too.  I followed mom down the hall, into another waiting room, that was empty. I sat down in one of the chairs, and mom did to. "Kyle, can you please tell me, how did you and Niall meet, and how do you know that he loves her? And have you heard of Dave doing anything to London before?" mom asked me. What did she mean by 'heard of Dave doing anything to London before'?, like, not that I know of but, did he? "Um, well, I met Niall a few days ago. I had heard knocking, and I heard the door bell ring, but I thought if it was one of my friends, they would text me, so I was just lazy and didnt answer it. Eventually, I heard the door open and some one call out Londons name. So then I knew it was one of Londons friends. The voice was a guys voice, and had an Irish accent. I heard foot steps on the door, and then banging on Londons door. Then I heard him asking london to open her door, so I thought London was probably just mad at him. I knew she would eventuallt tell him why, so I just stayed in my room. Then I heard him shouting for London to open her door, and he sounded really worried. I knew that if London was mad at him she would have told him why, by then. So I came out of my room to see what was happening. I saw a guy with blond hair banging on her door. I asked him who he was and he said he was Londons friend, Niall. He told me that london sounds upset, and he didnt know if she was mad at him, so I told him that she probably wasnt or else she would have told him by now. So, then I started calling London, and asking her to open her door, but she wouldnt. I was worried, and Niall was too. We eventually got the door open our selves, and we saw London sitting on her bed crying. she told us she was upset because she tried to call Mattie, but Mattie had forgotton about her, and was now best friends with Alise. London was really upset and turned to hug Niall, who hugged her back. I told him that London would be ok, and left since we had figured out what was wrong, and Niall would probably cheer her up. The way that Niall looked at her though, I could tell that he loves her." I explained. "And, I havnt heard of Dave doing anything to London.... but Im sure Niall would know." I said, hoping that would help. "K, Thank you Kyle, we can go back now" Mom got up and started walking back and I followed behind her.



                          KATIES POV:



      Now I had talked to every one that had come in contact with Niall. I still didnt know who to beleive, Kyle didnt help that much. All I know is that Kyle had met Niall before, and Niall was aparently worried about London, But London didnt want Niall in her room. And that Kyle thinks that Niall loves London, and Niall says that he loves London, but Dave pretty much says that Niall seem to hate her. Niall says that Dave had raped London, but Kyle doesnt know about this, and London usually likes to tell people about her feelings. Dave says that Niall stabbed her, but Niall says that he was sleeping with her, which Im not very happy about, and then Dave threw her down the stairs, and that there was no blood on the knife. But i cant remember if there was blood on the knife or not. Niall says he has blood on him because he was holding London, and Dave says that Niall has blood on him self because he stabbed her. But one thing, how would Niall get blood all over himself, if he just stabbed her in the head, and it doesnt sound like Dave to rape people, and do those things, and I dont even think that hes strong enough to through a teenager down a flight of stairs. None of this makes sense. I just dont know who to believe, my boyfriend that I've known for three months, or a boy that I've just met. Talking to them didnt help, just got me confused. 










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