It's the oldest story in the book: Handsome jock falls for outcast. But there's a twist, or many twists. What if the outcast girl had a story, a story no one knew about, a story no one could ever dream about. Then what?

Michael Scott has everything going for him: A football scholarship to USC next year, the looks of an Abercrombie model, dozens of girls screaming his name every friday night as he scores touchdown after touchdown, and the richest family in all of Ruby Valley, a small wealthy suburb tucked somewhere into Pennsylvania.

But when Michael falls hard for Jamie, a quirky, rebellious art girl with a knack for puzzles who denies him easily. She throws him off as a typical jock. But his persistence finally makes her give in. They fall for each other, break each others hearts, and heal eachother all over again. But Jamie's been holding something back, something that would change everything forever if word got out.

What could possibly be so intriguing about Plain Jamie?


2. Chapter Two

"Hey Michael! Great game on Friday!" Phoebe Chambers said happily as Michael walked past her on the way to his locker  Monday morning. 

"Thanks, Phoebe." He said and smiled at the bouncing redhead. She blushed into a faint tomato color, so surprised he knew her name. 

Michael's best friends, Andrew Reed and Nathan Bradley, bounded up to him. "Great game on Friday, Michael. I love you, Michael!" They imitated Phoebe and her compliment while cackling with laughter. Michael pushed them playfully but snickered at their falsetto voices. 

"Hey, superstar." He heard a familiar voice when he got to his locker and turned around to see Brianna, her long blonde hair pulled back into a braid and wearing a pair of low slung ripped jeans that Michael loved on her. 

"Hey, beautiful." He said and pecked her quickly on the lips before slinging his arm around her shoulder. She tucked her hand in his back pocket as he opened his locker and tossed in his backpack and some books before taking out what ever he needed for history first period. 

He turned to face her. "Hey babe, I gotta go run my football bag to the locker room, but I'll see you in first period, okay?" She smiled and nodded. He kissed her gently before slinging his bag over his shoulder, giving her waist a tight squeeze, and heading towards the gym just in time to see Justine Parker, Bri's best friend waltz up to her to walk her to history. 

There was still twenty minutes before first period, and the halls were still pretty bare as most people usually cut it close to the bell where attendance was concerned, so Michael took his time walking. He knew Bri and Justine were a ways behind him because History was in the same direction as the locker room. Suddenly Duncan Carroll and his gang of skeevy friends walked by Michael in the opposite direction. 

Duncan Carroll was the kind of guy people avoided. He was tall and built with shaggy brown hair and a tattoo on both biceps. He always gave the freshman greasy smiles and he was constantly cutting class. Michael gave him a curt nod and readjusted his bag on his shoulder before turning around, realizing Bri and Justine were still at Michael's locker. He ignored his gut feeling to go back and stay with them and kept walking. 

"Well if it isn't Bri the Babe and and the Pretty Parker gal." Michael heard Duncan sneer and it made him stop dead in his tracks and spin around. Bri and Justine ignored the bastard and kept talking to each other. Michael took small steps towards the girls as he realized in horror that Duncan and his friends were doing the same thing. Bri and Justine didn't seem to notice. 

"Hey bitches. I was talking to you." He said angrily and the girls looked up to realize that Duncan and his friends had closed in on them. Michael began to walk much much faster. Brianna and Justine ignored the boys but Duncan wouldn't take their ignorance for an answer. He snagged Justine's wrist and gave her arm a vicious yank. 

"Duncan! What the hell!?" Michael heard Brianna shout as she tried to pry his fingers off her friend's arm. Duncan's friend James Brewer hooked his arm around Brianna's waist and dragged her away from Justine and Duncan. 

Michael finally caught up with them right as Duncan had better grabbed hold of Justine. People were starting to gather around more and Michael cut his way through to get next to Duncan and his gang. Brianna was fighting angrily in James' grasp as Justine tried to wrench herself away from Duncan. Michael and two other guys from the football team, Rob and Luke, weaved in between the crowd. 

"Just get Justine first." Brianna said, frustrated, as she wrestled with James angrily.

Michael nodded and finally stood face to face with Duncan. "Let go of her, man. She didn't do anything to you." Duncan snickered and Justine let out a pained squeal as he gripped her arms tighter. 

"Hmm. I don't think so." Duncan snickered and trailed his hand down Justine's waist. 

"Get your filthy hands off me, you disgusting pig." Justine squirmed like crazy. 

"Let go of her now! I'm not asking again." Michael said angrily. Duncan raised his eyebrows but slowly let go of the frightened girl. She leapt away from him and behind Michael and his friends. They protectively tucked her away from Duncan.

Duncan glanced at James and he released Brianna. She turned around and gave him an almighty shove square in the chest with her little hands. He stumbled backwards and laughed at her boldness. "Go to hell." She said and walked towards Michael, Rob, and Luke. Michael watched as James reached out a hand to grab her towards him again but Michael lunged forward and caught his wrist, twisting it painfully. 

"If you ever touch her again, I swear to God, I'll kill you. " Michael watched as James' face twisted in anger and pain before releasing his grip. Justine and Brianna were both tucked behind Rob and Luke and Michael made his way towards them as Duncan and his friends departed in the opposite direction.

"I'll see you soon, girls." He heard Duncan say with a snicker.

"Like hell you will." Michael retorted right as three teachers came careening around the corner. Michael Scott, Duncan Carroll, and James Brewer. Come with us. Now."



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