It's the oldest story in the book: Handsome jock falls for outcast. But there's a twist, or many twists. What if the outcast girl had a story, a story no one knew about, a story no one could ever dream about. Then what?

Michael Scott has everything going for him: A football scholarship to USC next year, the looks of an Abercrombie model, dozens of girls screaming his name every friday night as he scores touchdown after touchdown, and the richest family in all of Ruby Valley, a small wealthy suburb tucked somewhere into Pennsylvania.

But when Michael falls hard for Jamie, a quirky, rebellious art girl with a knack for puzzles who denies him easily. She throws him off as a typical jock. But his persistence finally makes her give in. They fall for each other, break each others hearts, and heal eachother all over again. But Jamie's been holding something back, something that would change everything forever if word got out.

What could possibly be so intriguing about Plain Jamie?


1. Chapter One

"Michael! Michael! Michael!" Michael Scott pumped his fist in the air to the sound of his team cheering after scoring the winning touchdown, ensuring that his team would make it to regionals. His classmates stormed the field, hugging the players and greeting them with warm laughs and smiles. Michael was given reassuring back pats and sloppy hugs. 

His beautiful girlfriend, Brianna, rushed into his arms, still dressed in her teeny cheerleading uniform. He wrapped his hands around her miniscule waist and lifted her off the ground. "You played amazing, babe." She whispered before kissing him gently. 

He set her down. "Thanks, Bri." He managed to say before his teammates lifted him off the ground and onto their padded shoulders. Brianna and Michael were wrenched from each others grasp as Michael was carried further and further away from her.

"Michael! Michael! We love you Michael! Woo we love you Michael!" Michael heard his teammates and classmates cheer for him from atop his friends shoulders. He glanced over and saw the opposing team slump into their locker room, covering their faces. "Michael! Michael! Michael!" His friends kept cheering, but to Michael, they were all just a sea of bobbing heads and unclear faces. He glanced nearly halfway across the field and saw Bri, her lip jutted out just barely and her knee popped slightly, like she did when she was upset.

"Guys! Brianna! What about Brianna!?"Michael tried to shout but everyone just kept cheering his name. He tried to get down, suddenly wanting to get back to her but there were just too many people around him that he could hurt. "Guys! Brianna!" He pointed at her and looked around the field trying to get someone to notice what he was shouting about.

"Michael!" He saw his teammates Tyler Donovan, Brendan Roberts, and Matt Pierce running up to Brianna from behind. "We got you!" They said and pointed sneakily at her. Bri and Matt made eye contact seconds before she was lifted off her feet from behind and propped securely on Michael's friends shoulders. They grasped her legs protectively and jogged her over to Michael. The crowd went wild as Michael wrapped his arm around her waist and they kissed happily, her lips stretched in an adorable smile. 

"Michael! Michael! Yeah Mike!" Michael could hear his friends shouting and wolf whistling while Brianna and Michael kissed. It was something the school loved: star quarterback and cheerleader girlfriend. It was so cliche and so amazing. Michael loved his life. He didn't want anything to change because he had all he wanted right there in front of him. His life was so simple and things had always just kind of come easy to him.

The whole school stood on the field, laughing and throwing popcorn at the beautifully stereotypical couple. Well, almost the whole school. No one noticed the absence of Jamie Campbell and her blue streaked hair. No one seemed to miss her not being there for the biggest game of the season. Everyone just continued laughing without noting her disappearance. 

No one, especially not Michael Scott. 

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