Cosmic Love

Niall and his Valentines sweetheart, Leigh, need to escape from the spotlight. But where?


1. A Falling Star

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat

I tried to find the sound

But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,

So the darkness I became.

"You look beautiful tonight, you know," he hummed against the crook of my neck, wandering hands not leaving the edge of my jeans.

"Did we need to come out here, in the complete darkness?" He slightly nodded, blonde messy hair tickling my skin, sending goosebumps everywhere.

Niall. The only boy who made me feel whole. The way our hands folded together, fitting together perfectly. The way our lips molded together, whenever he would come home from work after a long day. Unwinding times spent in darkness, close together and stripping down into nothing, because it didn't really matter to either of us.

Niall. The only boy who knew everything about me. He knew every flaw I hated; the ones he would remind me daily were beautiful. Needy kisses to remind me how happy I was with him. No, not with any other boy. The boy with gorgeous blue eyes that could outshine any star. The boy with a secret smile, hidden beneath the metal framing. The boy with unnatural blonde hair that he never put hair products in, just because that's how I loved it.

Niall. The boy who saved me from the darkness when nothing felt alright. When things went downhill, everyone seemed to not care. I would believe it, and then Niall would come back into my life every day. He made me feel whole and brought me back into the real world, putting all the pieces back together. Soft forehead kisses that reminded me everything would be alright.

"It was one hundred percent necessary. I needed to make sure nobody saw us." I looked around the dimly lit park, running dew covered grass through my fingers. The lighting cast a shadow of our two bodies next to each other, overlapping into the darkness of other shadows.

"What's to not see?" Niall let go of me, grabbing something out of his pocket. His hand wrapped around it tightly, making sure to keep it secret.

"You have to close your eyes for this to work." I gave in after he kissed the corners of my mouth, causing them to curl up into a smile. He grabbed my right hand and squeezed it tightly, interlocking our fingers together and grabbing my left hand.

"I just want to promise you something, something special you can't tell anyone. Not even your best friend, nor your family, nor your cat. Its a secret, promise you wont tell?" I nodded and giggled, "just tell me already!" He grabbed my left hand and my nails clinked against the metal object in his free hand. I gasped the slight bit, and I could feel the tension grow.

"Okay, just- this Is going to be our little secret. Only one other person knows, and that's Zayn. But, I'm going to promise you something. And, this promise is that I'm never going to leave your side. Things won't go downhill, Leigh, they're only going to get better. I want you in my life, everyone loves you. I love you." He slipped the metal promise ring onto my finger, lifting my hand and kissing the metal band.

"Happy Valentines Day."

I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map

And knew that somehow I could find my way back

Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too

So I stayed in the darkness with you

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