Isn't She Lovely

Nicki,Abigail(Abby),Emily,and Alexa go to visit Nicki's sister and her husband Liam Payne when summer starts but...little did they know it would be the best vacation ever!!!!(One Direction is not famous)


21. *The Next Day*and telling the news

Zayn POV

It's been a day since I proposed to Nicki and today we are telling everyone the news.

Louis POV

Zayn and Nicki called everyone to go to their house(yes,they live together) for a special announcement to make I wonder whats going on.

* Every one is at Zayn and Nicki's house*

Zayn and Nicki POV

123...Were getting married.

Louis POV

I can't believe it I know i'm with Abby but I still love Nicki.

Everyone POV


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