Isn't She Lovely

Nicki,Abigail(Abby),Emily,and Alexa go to visit Nicki's sister and her husband Liam Payne when summer starts but...little did they know it would be the best vacation ever!!!!(One Direction is not famous)


2. Off The Plane

Alexia POV 

"Ugh...Nicki i feel sick" I say while exiting the plane " You'll be fine" she responds.

Abby POV 

All of a sudden i hear Nicki scream "Genifer,Liam!!!!!!!!"

Genifer POV

"Hey guys"I say "Hey" they all say

Liam POV

"Well ladies should we get going"I ask all I get in response is " yeah,sure,whatever" I knew they were on their phones because of their rude attitudes"

Authors note: sorry for the short chapter I just wanted to get to the next one.


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