Isn't She Lovely

Nicki,Abigail(Abby),Emily,and Alexa go to visit Nicki's sister and her husband Liam Payne when summer starts but...little did they know it would be the best vacation ever!!!!(One Direction is not famous)


14. No this cant be happening

Louis POV

I wanted to say sorry to Nicki so I went up to her room.I regret that I walked in to Zayn and Nicki kissing."What do you think your doing to Nicki"I say to Zayn while slapping him in the face."NO LOUIS STOP ZAYN HAS THE RIGHT TO KISS ME HE'S MY BOYFRIEND.WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE WHAT IF HE WASN'T MY BOYFRIEND YOU SHOULDN'T CARE I KNEW YOU FOR ONE DAY AND NOW I CALL YOU PLAYER.Nicki yelled to me.

Nicki POV

"OMG Zayn are you ok?"I ask him."Yeah i'm ok as long as he didn't hurt you"He replied.And then we kissed

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