Isn't She Lovely

Nicki,Abigail(Abby),Emily,and Alexa go to visit Nicki's sister and her husband Liam Payne when summer starts but...little did they know it would be the best vacation ever!!!!(One Direction is not famous)


28. Hawaii

Abby POV

I am so glad that they weren't mad because me and Louis aren't even married.

Louis POV

Abby had been so nervous about telling them and that they would leave since were not married.I was actually taking Zayn with me to a ring store in like maybe two weeks since Nicki and Zayn are going on their honey moon.

Zayn POV

"So Zayn where are we going for our honey moon?"Nicki said as we drove to the airport."We are going to Hawaii."."OMG ZAYN YOU KNOW I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE!"."Whoa calm down I knew you wanted to go so I booked it."."Zayn,"."Yes"."I love you.""I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else if anything hapened to you I would loose it,when you broke up with me,urm I kinda thought of killing myself,bot before you think it's your fault I had kept all of our photos we had together and I ulled through it."I said while resting my hand on her knee."I love you more though even though I broke up with you I spent weeks in my room thinking about all the memories we had."."You are my only one,Forever and Always."(haha i'm a swiftie so yeah-Tommotomlinson123)

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