Isn't She Lovely

Nicki,Abigail(Abby),Emily,and Alexa go to visit Nicki's sister and her husband Liam Payne when summer starts but...little did they know it would be the best vacation ever!!!!(One Direction is not famous)


7. *A week later*

Alexia Phone coversation

DAD:hey Alexia you need to get home now!!!!!

ME:why whats wrong

DAD: your brother went missing we need help now

ME:oh my waffles i'll start looking for tickets

Genifer POV

"GENIFER I NEED YOUR HELP NOW"Alexia screamed from upstairs crying. I got into her room and she was walking back and forth."What do you need?" "My my brother he went missing I need a plane ticket now"

*Two days later*

Alexia POV

Well guess im going back home ;(

Niall POV 

I gotta go home for a family reunion but i didn't tell anyone.And i started boarding the plane for Ireland

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