Desperate Times (Louis Tomlinson)

Louis girlfriend, Kasey, was dying. She had a brain tumor. This was the second time it came, and she's weaker now. When Louis finally let's her go, and she dies, how does he cope? He was in love. Crazy in love with her. After she died, he was left with no feelings whatsoever. He was numb. He had no where to go. The boys didn't understand, no one did. He'd go to that park they always went to, and swung on the swings keeping his head low. He didn't care anymore. Until, someone finally came along and made him realize he had much more in life. That someone cured Louis Tomlinson. Who is she? What happens when Louis loves again?


7. Chapter 6

**I'm apologizing in advance for any mistakes, I'm on a mobile so it's really hard to type. Which is why it's also kind of short, but I'm sorry.**

"This is completely insane! It will never work!" I exclaim, shaking my head at Louis. He wants to adopt Kol. Isn't that insane? He doesn't even know how to care for him!

"Yes it will! Right Alex?" We both look in Alex's direction and he shrugs, stepping away from me. Oh please don't tell me he agrees...

"I'm going to have to go with Louis on this one." He quietly says, inching away from me. I groan, rolling my eyes. I want Kol to have a home but I don't know Louis very well and I sure as hell don't want him to have custody of Kol! 

Then again, Kol does need a home. He can't stay with the Montgomery's and I don't want him to leave again. He needs a home, somewhere stable with people that will love him. The only place that is going to be is with me or Alex. Most people don't like taking in kids unless they're babies. 

I sigh, shaking my head. "How the hell are we supposed to pull this off?" I still don't trust Louis very much. No guy just offers to adopt someone from the goodness of their heart. But I can't have Kol suffering any longer, especially since Alex and I are both leaving. He can't handle being alone like that. 

Louis and Alex both smile widely, and Louis starts talking really fast. What are we doing? 


So, here is how this is going to go down:

In order to adopt Kol, we need to each have a stable job and home. Since Louis travels a lot with his job, it may be a little harder. Without Louis, though, I wouldn't be allowed to adopt him. He'll call the agency and they'll check up on both of us. Then he'll meet with management and discuss it with them. 

Louis will temporarily move in with me. The agency that is in charge of Kol has a policy that they have to make sure the family is capable. After a month, they'll stop checking in on us. That's when Louis can move out and Alex can move in, and we'll all live happily ever after. 

Since I was also with the same agency, they know me pretty well. Since I was just a little kid. They know how much I love Kol. That's a plus. Besides, it's a good thing they're so strict with these kids. All of the kids our agency handles have been through a lot of trauma, which is also why they rarely get adopted. They're all old and broken. Like me, like Alex. Like Kol.

Anyways, Louis, Kol, and I will be living together for a month. It won't be too bad. I mean afterwards, when Alex is eighteen, Louis can move out. He only has to live with us until the agency is sure that we are a real family and are capable of caring for a little boy. 

I still can't believe I'm doing this. I barely know Louis, after all. When I met him I would've never believed it if he told me we'd become Kol's parents. Maybe it is just for a month, but we are going to be in this together. Of course, I'll be Kol's mom for the rest of his life. Alex will end up taking Louis' place. Still, it's weird. That's just life, though.


"I'm taking you out tonight." Louis states, sitting next to me on the couch. Alex went home with Kol and now I'm just sitting around waiting for Simon to come home. 

"Excuse me?" 

Louis laughs, his smile lighting up all of his features. It's hard to imagine this boy unhappy; I don't know how he was so sad before. I guess I never will, either. It must have been hard. "I'm going to take you out. Get to know each other. I mean, I'd like to know who I'm going to be living with for a month." he says, the smile still prominent on his face. 

"Like a date?" I ask. I've never actually been on a real date. Alex and I tried once, but it was a disaster. We're too good of friends to be anything more. 

"If you want it to be." My face feels hot, which is strange because I'm not really one to blush. 

"Where are you going to take me?" I ask, but Louis just shakes his head. "What?"

"It's a surprise."

Now I'm the one shaking my head. I don't like surprises, at all. Just no. "I don't like surprises!" I tell him, shaking my head more fiercely now.

"Too bad. We'll leave when Uncle Si get's home." He states in an end-of-discussion tone. 

I'm quiet for a moment. It's more of an awkward silence, and I can't help but think about what he just said. Uncle Si? Obviously he means Simon, but uncle? I sigh, not able to handle the silence, and ask, "Uncle Si?"

He chuckles a second, grateful it's no longer silent. "Yeah, it's just what I call Simon." He answers, shrugging. 


He smiles, seemingly deep in thought. After a second he answers again. "I don't know, I mean he kind of changed my life." His eyes twinkle. He must really appreciate his life... It sucks that he had to go through so much pain before. He seems like a really good guy. I mean, he's adopting Kol with me. If that doesn't scream nice guy then I don't know what does.

"Oh right, One direction. I forgot." I say. It's true, the thought literally slipped my mind. It's hard to believe he's in such a popular boy band. He's just such a normal guy... besides the fact he's adopting a kid for reasons I really do not know.

He looks shocked for a moment and asks, "You forgot?"

"Sorry. I used to live under a rock." Right when I finish my sentence he starts cracking up. I swear,  he sounds like a hyena! He starts clutching his stomach and his face becomes as red as a tomato. 

"What? Stop laughing!" I exclaim, confused. What the hell did I say? He tries to stop but it makes his face even redder. It's only seconds until he starts up again, louder than the first time. His laugh is adorable, though. I can't help but smile at it. I immediately erase the smile off my face and cross my arms, giving him a stern look. He notices and stops again, out of breath. What was so funny?

"I'm sorry," he breathes out. He's still chuckling a little, though. I continue my death glare until he stops completely and apologizes again. "I'm sorry."

"What was so funny?" I exclaim once he's done. He shrugs, a smug smile playing on his lips. "What?!" I'm getting impatient, but before he can answer there's a honk outside. 


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