Desperate Times (Louis Tomlinson)

Louis girlfriend, Kasey, was dying. She had a brain tumor. This was the second time it came, and she's weaker now. When Louis finally let's her go, and she dies, how does he cope? He was in love. Crazy in love with her. After she died, he was left with no feelings whatsoever. He was numb. He had no where to go. The boys didn't understand, no one did. He'd go to that park they always went to, and swung on the swings keeping his head low. He didn't care anymore. Until, someone finally came along and made him realize he had much more in life. That someone cured Louis Tomlinson. Who is she? What happens when Louis loves again?


5. Chapter 4

"So this is Faith? The one that brought old Louis back?" The curly haired boy asked. I sat down on the couch and stared at the five boys standing in front of me. Now it all makes sense. Of course, Simon did sign One Direction. Carly used to go on and on about it. How come I didn't see this sooner? And what does he mean Old Louis?

"When did you start working for Simon?" Louis asked, crossing his arms. I shrugged.

"Not that long ago. On my birthday, actually." They all stood there a moment, staring at me. I started feeling a little self-conscious, which is rare for me, but they're all just staring in a very creepy way. 

"Your birthday, huh? How old are you?" The curly one asked again. 

"18." Louis nods, understanding the big day for me. I sat there awhile longer, until I couldn't take it anymore. "Okay, please stop staring at me, and get on doing what you do while I sit here quietly and make sure you don't set this place on fire. Kapeesh?" 

They all looked a little taken aback, god knows why, and walked away one by one. Soon it was just me, Louis, and Curly. I looked at them expectantly but they just sat down on either side of me.

"So, Faith, why did Simon hire you anyway. I mean, you had to have known you'd be seeing One Direction, right?" Curly said. I shook my head. 

"She's not a big fan. Actually, she didn't even know who we are. She doesn't even know what a cell phone is." Louis teased. I laughed nervously. Why am I nervous? I don't get nervous. 

"I know what a cell phone is, I actually own one now, thank you very much." I huffed, slumping back on the couch.

The next few hours weren't all that normal. I learned all of their names, at least. But they are menaces. Niall tried ordering all the food from every take-out place in a mile range. Harry and Louis got into a fist brawl, knocking over a very expensive looking vase. Zayn stole a piece of pizza from Niall, causing a huge food fight between all of them, while Liam and I just sat watched. I like Liam, though. He isn't hard to handle, most of the time, anyway. I'm starting to understand why boys my age would need a babysitter. They act like they are a pack of nine year olds.

"Sorry." Zayn said, taking a noddle from his head. 

"It's okay. Why don't all you boys go outside and wash up with the hose. And don't track anything through the house. Once you're done, you have to take off your clothes and lay them down to dry. Just wrap up with these towels before you come in." They all nodded and took towels, walking out to the back yard. Liam and I stayed back, since we were not part of the big fiasco.

"So, how'd you do it?" Liam asked, throwing away the food from the floor. 

"Do what?"

"Louis. Since he met you, he's been... normal." I looked up. Is that what Harry meant when he said Old Louis? But it can't be my fault. 

"That's normal?" He laughed, and nodded. 

"You don't know, do you?" He asked. I shook my head. This is starting to sound very creepy. 

"Well, ever since his girlfriend died, he's been off. And then he met you and all of a sudden was back to being himself." I nodded. Hm, he never mentioned that. Then again, we didn't really talk about our pasts. The only thing he really knows about me is I was in foster care, counting the days 'til I got out. And all I knew about him was he is a major superstar.

"That can't have anything to do with me, though. I mean, all he did was walk me home. I couldn't have been the reason for his return." I said, scrubbing the pizza sauce from the floor. He smiled, and chuckled softly. 

"Well, we all think it was you, but we didn't ask. I was afraid if we brought it up he might get sad again." I nodded. I wonder why he didn't say anything.

Don't be crazy, Faith. You barely know him, why would he tell you that? Just drop it.

We finished cleaning the mess just as the boys all came in wearing just the towles. They all trudged to their rooms silently to get dressed. I will admit, they were all pretty fit. 

When they came down we all sat in the living room. I sat on the couch in between Liam and Louis, Harry and Niall on the smaller couch, and Zayn in the single chair. 

Harry put in a movie, and we all watched in silence until my phone started blaring 'Storm Warning' by Hunter Hayes. I will admit, I've fallen for country music. It's all because of Alex. We all have a back story, mine being about my parents and twin sister, Kol's with his father, and many more. Alex is from Tennessee. Ever since I met him, when he was exported to London, I've been addicted to country music. 

All of their heads snapped to me as I quickly answered it. "Hello?"

"Faith! You have to get here, now." It was Alex, he seemed panicked. In that moment, so many scenarios went through my mind. Alex isn't scared of much, nothing he'd have to call me for.

"Alex, what's wrong?" I asked, standing up from the couch and walking to my purse and coat. 

"Kol's gone." 

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