Desperate Times (Louis Tomlinson)

Louis girlfriend, Kasey, was dying. She had a brain tumor. This was the second time it came, and she's weaker now. When Louis finally let's her go, and she dies, how does he cope? He was in love. Crazy in love with her. After she died, he was left with no feelings whatsoever. He was numb. He had no where to go. The boys didn't understand, no one did. He'd go to that park they always went to, and swung on the swings keeping his head low. He didn't care anymore. Until, someone finally came along and made him realize he had much more in life. That someone cured Louis Tomlinson. Who is she? What happens when Louis loves again?


4. Chapter 3

Today's the day. I move out of my foster home and into my own apartment. I start my new job and set off to find my sister, which I will do. After I get settled, that is.

Alex helped me haul the boxes to my new apartment. It was actually a pretty decent place, the walls were dark in most rooms, dark shades of blue and purple. The living room's an off-black, if that's even a color. I chose this place because it's the cheapest price and I didn't expect to get a job a Syco Records, but I did. 

I got some light furniture to even out the tone, but it just makes this place seem like it was designed by twelve year old's. Honestly, I don't expect any visitors since I don't exactly have any friends, except Alex, and he won't really care what my place looks like, as long as I have a place.

I haven't seen that kid, Louis, since that first day at the park. I wasn't expecting to, but I was kind of hoping to. He's a really nice guy, despite being famous I would have love to be his friend, no doubt about it. He did seem sad, though. Just by the look on his face you can tell he's been through a lot, I just don't know what. It's that look that all the kids I've ever met in foster care have. When you see that look, you either want to stay away because they mean trouble, or you want to wrap them in your arms and do whatever you can to make them feel a little better, which usually won't work. Not on me, that is.

Last week, when I took the job at Syco, Simon made me get a phone No, he bought me a phone. I can't say that I don't love it, I've never had a phone before and it's awesome, but now it just won't stop ringing. Over and over Simon keeps calling about more tasks or things I need to do. If I knew this job would be so much work, I probably wouldn't have taken it. 

I rummaged through some stuff looking for the small device that is letting out the most annoying noise. I picked it up and brought it to my ear, just waiting for Simon to tell me I have more paperwork. "Hello?"

"Faith, I have a job for you." He said immediately. 

I huffed. I called that. "What is it?" 

"How do you feel babysitting my boys?" He asked cautiously, like I was going to say no. Which, he wasn't wrong. He knows I don't like kids that much, I know I've told him before. But, I could have sworn he said he didn't have any kids . . .

"I though you didn't have any kids?" I questioned. There was a pause on the other end, like he was thinking of what to say next.

"Just . . . are you up for the job or not? I'll pay you an extra two-hundred, it's just kind of last minute." My mouth gaped. Two-hundred? Wow, I mean it's not that much of a bonus but it is at the same time. 

I nodded, realizing he couldn't see me and accepted out loud. I grabbed me keys once we hung up and trotted down the apartment building's steps quickly. Babysitting, huh? Alex is going to get a kick out of this.

I walked into his house with the keys he lent me. He said he wouldn't be here once I got here, just to let myself in. He never did tell me who I was babysitting. I hope it isn't too bad, they can't be that young if he left them here, even for only five minutes. 

"Hello?" I called out. Silence. "Hello?!"

I walked down the hall towards the kitchen, pretty slowly, too. "Hello?"

I turned the corner, and all of a sudden a cold chill went down my back. I heard water splash to the ground. I let out a shriek when the water hit me, soaking me from head to toe. In the house, too. I could loose my job for this.

I looked over at four chuckling boys. All look like they could be around my age, too. Simon said nothing about this . . . 

"What the heck?!" I exclaimed, looking at the four guilty boys. They all pointed up, above my head. Another boy, on the banister, had a bucket in his hands and was running the other way. I stood there, beginning to shiver. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. One . . . Two . . . Three . . . 

I opened my eyes and all of the boys were looking at me with freaked expressions, like I wasn't used to this. I pushed past them and walked up the stairs, my shoes swishing from the water. Luckily, Simon doesn't have carpeting in his house. Then I'd be in deep crap.

I walked straight to the bathroom and slammed the door closed. It's not my first time here, I know my way around pretty well. I propped myself on the counter, and had a staring contest with my mirror image. My hair was dripping wet, and it's good thing I don't wear make-up or that'd be running, too.

I took the towel from the hand-towel ring and wiped the water off my face and ran it through my hair. I looked at myself again. I never really took the time to look at myself in the mirror. I never realized how out of shape I am, either. It's weird, to stare at yourself in the mirror. But it also reminds me of Courtney. Oh Courtney . . . 

Someone was knocking on the door. I sighed. "What?"

"I'm sorry. I brought you some dry clothes, I thought it'd be funny and I also didn't expect you to be so . . . hot, at least that's what the boys said. Here."

I stood there a moment. I know he, whoever he is, is trying to suck up to me since he just dumped water on me. I opened the door and snatched the clothes from him, not bothering to look up at his face, and slammed to door once more. 

I slid the clothes on and stepped out. They were big, like really big on me, but they're better than my soaking wet clothes. 

I started walking to the steps but someone grabbed my arm. "Like I said, I'm sor-" He started apologizing but stopped mid-sentence. I looked up at him for the first time and my eyes widened. "Wait . . . Faith?" 


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