Desperate Times (Louis Tomlinson)

Louis girlfriend, Kasey, was dying. She had a brain tumor. This was the second time it came, and she's weaker now. When Louis finally let's her go, and she dies, how does he cope? He was in love. Crazy in love with her. After she died, he was left with no feelings whatsoever. He was numb. He had no where to go. The boys didn't understand, no one did. He'd go to that park they always went to, and swung on the swings keeping his head low. He didn't care anymore. Until, someone finally came along and made him realize he had much more in life. That someone cured Louis Tomlinson. Who is she? What happens when Louis loves again?


3. Chapter 2

Faith's Point Of View

The rest of the night was a drag. I didn't get much done, other than packing a little bit more. I was prepared to move. My only concern was financial. My parents left me some money in their will- it's almost like they were planning on dying. I have enough to cover for the apartment until I get a job. I don't really know what kind of job I want, though. There are so many but none of them sound like something I'd want to do.

One thing I keep thinking about is Courtney. I'm going to be eighteen in a week. So will she. We should both be able to contact each other, right? My only concern is when I do find her she won't want to see me. Our last memory together was fighting over a stupid doll- that is for me, anyway. What if she remembers the whole night? What if she saw mum and dad... die?

"You okay?" I snapped my head around to the door to see Alex leaning on the door frame. His blonde hair falling perfectly over his chocolate brown eyes. Alex could be my brother, we both had golden blonde hair with deep brown eyes. Not to mention the nearly perfect complexion. Alex has been in the same foster home as me for three years now. Whenever they moved me, he seemed to follow. Like he was some sort of guardian angel. I only say that because he's super protective over me. I like it though.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking of what I'm going to do with my life once I'm outta here, y'know?" He stood up straight and nodded understandingly, walking over to my bed and sitting down. 

"Did you look for jobs today?" I sighed. He knows I don't want to get a job. My dream used to be to graduate college but that's long gone now. 

"Alex, I don't even know where to start. I'm not ready to go off by myself but I sure as hell can't wait to get out of here." 

"I get it Faith, but you know it isn't that easy. Maybe if you ask Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery to let you stay here a little while longer until you actually get situated."

"No." I quickly objected. I'm sick of foster homes. I'd sometimes rather just live on the streets. "I already bought the apartment, anyway." I explained. 

"Okay, whatever. Just a thought." He said, getting up and leaving me back to my lonesome. I flopped backwards on to my bead an stared lazily at the ceiling. Soon enough, I drifted to sleep.

I was awaken by a ruffling beside me. I turned to see Kol snuggled closely beside me. He does this quite often, comes to sleep in my room in the middle of the night. His dad mistreated him and from what he says it was pretty bad. He watched his dad murder his mom. For a kid his age that is just sad. It gets even worse, when he was five his dad shot himself right in front of Kol. Kol didn't know what to do so he went to the neighbors and soon enough, he was out into foster care. Now, Kol has nightmares all the time. He comes to my room every night. I feel bad that I'm leaving him. I started thinking that since I'm going to be eighteen I could just adopt Kol so he doesn't have to go through all of these foster homes his whole life, changing schools all the time. It sucks, and I just wish I could stop it. But I can't. I don't have the right amount of money or even living arrangements to adopt. The center will never allow it.

I stroked his soft, luscious brown hair and kissed the top of his head. He's like a little brother to me. Actually, he's more like a son to me. He started stirring beneath me and finally opened his eyes slowly. "Faith?"

"I got you Kol, don't worry" I rubbed his back comfortingly and he rested his head gracefully on the pillow. 

I looked over at the clock realizing it was ten and I really needed to get up. "Come on, Kol. Let's get some breakfast." I pulled him up in my arms and trudged down the hall. The house was pretty quiet. I heard a few kids playing outside and some others upstairs in their room. My foster parents are usually at work at this hour and expect Alex, Lucy and I to watch over all the kids. Alex is really good with kids and I only like a select few of them. The others are a little too wild for me. Those ones are Alex's job. Lucy take the girls and plays dolls. Lucy is sixteen, the third oldest of the house. She's your typical girly-girl with a sob story. The only thing I have in common with everybody in this house is we all have our own sob story, some worse then others. Amy, one of the few kids I care about, was left on the side of the road as a newborn. Her parents just left her there. Carly, another one that I care for, her parents died in a car crash. Alex never talks about what happened to him but I really don't mind it. 

I fixed Kol and I some toast and a glass of milk. I can cook but I'm usually too lazy to fix a full course breakfast. It's the morning, I just woke up. It's just not happening. 

I finished my breakfast and sneaked out of the house. I like to stop by the park in the morning. Today's different, though. I found myself walking the other way. I'm actually going to go look for a job.

I walked down the busy streets of London, the cold air making my nose runny. I blinked a few times to clear my vision and scanned the shops for 'now hiring' signs. Surprisingly, there were quite a few options. I could work at Starbucks, Nandos, the beauty salon, ASDA, or the daycare at the corner. I decided to start with Nandos and make my way down depending on my chances of actually getting the job. I'm not a people person so I don't count on getting a job today. It's still worth a shot.

I walked up to the counter and waited for the waiter to come over. Oh boy, if I get this job that's what I'll have to do. Oh well. No harm no foul. And this isn't the only job here.

"Hi, can I help you?" She said with fake enthusiasm. 

"I'm here about the open job?" It came out as more of a question but she nodded and motioned me to follow. I followed her to a back room and she handed me papers and had me sit in a sort of waiting room, like the ones you stay in at the doctors office. She left me in the dull room by myself and I began filling out the papers. 

When I was halfway finished with the papers a man came into the room, he looked about forty and quite mean if I say so myself. He was accompanied by a taller man with dark hair who looked awfully familiar. They looked like they were talking about something serious. I just looked back at the papers and pretended I didn't notice them. 

"Well Simon, it was nice to see you again! Mr. Kaplan will be right with you, he just has some important business to do with the landowner. Just wait here." The shorter guy said and walked away. I continued to fill in the papers and looked at the man from the corner of my eye. He sat down one seat away from me, taking out his phone. He looked like a serious business man to me.

"It's not polite to stare." He said in a deep British accent. I didn't even realize I was staring, he just looks familiar...

"Sorry, sir. You just look familiar.." I studied him a moment longer and he chuckled. 

"Well, I am Simon Cowell." Simon Cowell... where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! He's that really famous guy who runs that big music company and judges on the X-Factor! Carly talks non-stop about him. She said she wishes he would sign her someday.

"Oh." I said, sinking into my seat. 

"What's your name?" Why does he even want to know? He probably just wants to start up conversation since we are the only two in here. 

"Faith." He just nodded. 

"Faith. It has a nice ring to it. Tell me Faith, why are you here?" He sounds so... sophisticated. 

"I need a job." I replied, waving the papers. He nodded again. He sure nods a lot. 

"I actually need an assistant, if your interested. I think you'd be perfect. I need someone young, like yourself, to not only connect with my clients but help me decide who has it and who doesn't." My eyes widened in bewilderment. Is he serious?

"Um..." I just stared at him. 

"It should pay very good, too. As long as you can be dedicated and ready to start you have a really good chance. You also need to learn how to do paperwork but we can teach you that." Does this guy just go around London and find random people to do his work? "Here's my card," he said, handing me a small business card, "let me know by tomorrow." I nodded, taking the card. Should I? This is a great opportunity. Maybe this is like, fate. Here I go again about how this is fate and all on my stuff. I do seriously believe in that, though. I don't really care who weird it sounds.

A man came out the door and greeted Simon with a huge smile. I assume they are probably good friends. He led Simon into his office, completely ignoring my presence. "Gee, I didn't want to work here anyway!" I spat under my breath. I threw the papers in the trash and walked out of the restaurant. I think I may have found my job. Working for Simon Cowell. Hmm... maybe life decided to be nice for a change? Who am I kidding. This is probably going to turn into a disaster but it's worth a shot. I need the money, anyway. 

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