Desperate Times (Louis Tomlinson)

Louis girlfriend, Kasey, was dying. She had a brain tumor. This was the second time it came, and she's weaker now. When Louis finally let's her go, and she dies, how does he cope? He was in love. Crazy in love with her. After she died, he was left with no feelings whatsoever. He was numb. He had no where to go. The boys didn't understand, no one did. He'd go to that park they always went to, and swung on the swings keeping his head low. He didn't care anymore. Until, someone finally came along and made him realize he had much more in life. That someone cured Louis Tomlinson. Who is she? What happens when Louis loves again?


2. Chapter 1

Faith's Point of View

I walked through the busy streets of London. Cars were driving past, splashing water slightly off the ground. I crossed over the road and walked into the familiar park. When I was little my mum and dad took my sister and I here, back then it didn't have much meaning. Now, this is my only memory of them. I don't recall much of the night, I just remember my sister and I were fighting over who gets to play with the prettiest doll. After that, it feels like the night never even happened. Like, I wasn't there. Maybe I had gotten knocked out cold, or just plainly fell asleep. Either way, no where in my mind do I remember the events that took place that night. But since that night, I haven't seen my mum, my dad, or my twin sister Courtney. I was told my mum and dad died, and I know Courtney was sent away to a different foster home than I was. I wasn't allowed to contact her, and at first I didn't think much of it. I guess I figured they were pushing my buttons, I was only 7. After a while, I started to realize I hadn't seen or spoken to my sister for a long time. I started to cry every night. After a while, when I was 13, I even cut myself. I never thought I'd be that girl, but now, that girl will always be me. I may have changed, but she will always remain a part of me. 

I walked through the old park. It was a very unpopular park. Not many people come here, maybe because it's so far hidden off, or because it lies next to the old school that burnt down a few years back. The city was too lazy to care about this area so they act like it's not there, like it's just a figment of imagination to some people. It's just plain out ignored. 

I looked at the lonely park, everything was made from wood and looked very old-school. I heard a the wind ruffling through the trees around me, and I heard a small squeaking of a rusting swing, going back and forth. I looked over to the mysterious swing and it was moving with no one near it. But it was just that one swing. None others. A shiver went through my spine and I heard a stick crunch in the distance. My head snapped in the direction of the far-away noise. A bush moved slightly. I knew someone must be there, watching me. Was I getting stalked? Or maybe they're hiding from me. I doubt that, in a city like this. 

I looked away from the bush a person was obviously hiding behind and walked over to the swings. For some reason, fear doesn't exist inside me. If I get kidnapped, I get kidnapped. I believe everything happens for a reason and so what if it's not what you wanted, it's not like you can layout your entire life and expect it to happen exactly how you want. If that was the case, life would be boring. Something good always comes from something bad, even if you don't see it. Life works in mysterious ways. 

I sat down on the swing that was previously moving and pumped my feet back and forth rhythmically. I remember when I was a kid my dad used to push Courtney and I on these very swings. I always sat in this swing while Courtney sat in the swing next to me. We'd come here everyday after school. Just me, Courtney and dad. I looked at the bush and wondered if the person was still there, just watching me. It's not like I want to be kidnapped, but if I am at least I won't have to go home tonight. My foster parents are quite annoying, to be honest. Maybe the intruder left? Maybe I wasn't his type? There I go, assuming it was a he and was going to rape me. I guess I'm just always thinking the worst of things. 

It started bugging me. If someone was there, maybe if I said something, they'd show themselves. And if no one's there, I'll be just as well talking to myself. Not that it's unusual or anything. Not for me, anyway. For all I know I'm saying this aloud and not in my head, like I imagine I am.

"Is somebody there?" I called out, looking at the bush. It could have been the wind working with my wondering mind to play a crude prank on me. Or, I'm not going crazy and there is an actual murderer behind that bush. "Hello?" I called once more. The bush moved again, confirming that somebody was there and it wasn't my imagination. I stopped swinging and walked through the trees to the suspicious bush. Am I walking into a horror movie? 

"If your planning on stalking me then raping me then I suggest you get it over with now." I stated, and someone chuckled quietly behind the bush, finding my serious suggestion funny. And I was actually being serious in my weird way. 

A boy with aviator sunglasses slowly stood from behind the bush. He didn't look the murderous type. He looked like he was only a year or so older than I.

"Well, you don't look the murderous type." I said my thoughts. He laughed again, putting his hand to his side. 

"Thank you, I'd hope not. But, if you thought I was going to kill you why aren't you afraid?" He talked in a soothing British tone, one you could fall asleep to. It was relaxing, and inviting. It also hid some sadness but beneath that was a great personality. But, that's how I think of his voice. I'm not always dead on at judging people. You never know until you actually know the person. Which is unlikely for me to do, knowing he was creepily stalking me just a minute ago.

"Afraid? What's there to be scared of? Fate? No, if that's how I'm supposed to die, so be it." He looked slightly taken aback by my calmness of this situation where, I would be to if I were normal. Which I am far from. I'm not scared of death, if it's going to bring me to my parents. That's the reason I'm so carefree, though. I have nothing to live for. But, I will not throw my life away like an old banana peel, I will live it out. That's what my parents would want but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. I'm just going to go with the flow. Let events slip in where they want, and I'll play them out when it comes time. 

"Good point, what's your name?" He replied. I pondered whether I should tell him or not. He's stalking me after all, so shouldn't he know?

"You sure you don't already know?" I narrowed my eyes at him. He may not have been stalking me, but the way this was sliding through made it seem like he was. And if he was stalking me, I'm sure he would have figured my name.

"I wouldn't be asking if I did, now would I?" He makes a reasonable point.

"Faith." I answered. He smiled and held out his hand. 

"Louis. By the way, the name suits you." I shook his hand and nodded. Anyone who's met me tells me that but is also creeped out by me. I can be quite weird at times. I decided to get right down to the point so I don't have to dig it out of him. 

"So, why were just hiding behind a bush, pretty much stalking me?" He chuckled again, he sure thinks I'm funny. I'm not even trying to be, I'm trying to be serious. Stalking is a serious situation, even if I don't take it seriously. 

"I was curious. I was on the swings when you came here and you seemed distracted and I guess I just thought, like, no one comes here... and well, I decided to wait and see what you were doing here. It sounds stupid out loud but it made sense in my head." Well, that explains why the swing was moving. But, I come here all the time so why are we now just crossing paths. He must have come here before, but how often?

"How often do you come here?" I decided to ask. He shook his head unsure. 

"Forever." I nodded. 

"So have I, so how come I haven't seen you before?" I questioned. He shrugged. 

"I guess we never came at the same time until now" He spoke. I nodded and started walking past him, back to the streets. 

"Where are you going?" He said, catching up to me. I looked at him for a moment then back to where I was walking. I was heading home, the the recent foster home I moved to last month. Surprisingly, I'd been able to stay within London or close to London with my constant need of new foster parents. I'm 17, next week, when I turn 18 I'll be forced to go on my own. I can't wait. 

"Home" I stated, reaching the outside of the woods to the first street. I waited for cars to pass, before I cross. The streets were awfully busy today. 

"Will I ever see you again?" He questioned, still standing next to me. I looked both ways and the road was finally clear. I ignored his question and crosses but instead of being relieved from this strange boy, he followed me. I looked at him once we reached the other side. 

"What? I have to walk home, too." He explained innocently.

"And it happens to be the same way as mine?" He shrugged. 

"So, will I get to see you again?" I looked at him disbelievingly. I think this may just be the first time someone wanted to see me for a second time.

"You are seeing me right now."

"I meant like, another day." I shrugged. I just met the kid and the only thing I know about him is his name is Louis. But, I don't really care. If I see him again, I see him again. If I don't, I don't. It's as simple as that. I said a simple "maybe" and started walking the direction of my foster home. My foster dad set a specific time I had to be home every nigh and that time was nearing. "Can I at least get your number?"

"I don't have a phone." He had shock written all over his face. It was true, in fact, I've never had a cell phone. Or an iPod or anything like that. I've never even had my own TV in my room. All I have is the computer at the library and all the books to entertain me. 

"Then how am I supposed to see you again?"

"I don't know, if we're supposed to, we will." I know this is what chases most people away, my constant belief in fate and destiny. Along with having no social life. 

"Can I walk you home?" I shrugged. 

"If you want to." Having a complete stranger walk you home is probably one of the top things you shouldn't do. Who cares, though? Not me, I know that for sure. 

He walked with me the whole way to my foster home, bringing up casual conversation. When we reached my house and he looked at it in amazement. "This is your house?" I nodded. It's quite big, but it's crammed with about a dozen and a half kids. I am one of the oldest. "And you don't have a cell phone?" I laughed, shaking my head. 

"No, it's a foster home so the parents don't care enough to buy everyone a phone." I guess I never mentioned my past to him, but he didn't mention his either. It's not like it was a big secret but I don't often tell people. People usually won't stick around long enough for me to get to that topic. 

He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a childish scream and a little boy jumping into my arms. Kol. He was one of the only foster kids I actually cared for. One of the only people in general that I cared for. "Kol!" I exclaimed, picking him up and hugging him. 

"Faith! Save me from Alex!" He pointed to the second oldest in the house. Alex. He was getting out a month after I was, and he was another one of the people I cared for. There were only four. Kol, who was only seven. Carly, who was ten. Amy, who was twelve. And Alex, who was seventeen, like me. For the next month anyway. Then he'll be eighteen. I'll be eighteen next week. The only thing I'll miss are the few kids I've taken a liking towards. 

"Kol-y! I'm coming to get you!" He said, coming towards us. He stopped and looked at Louis for a moment. 

"Do I know you?" He asked, looking at Louis trying to recognize him. I wouldn't be surprised if he did. 

"Um, I don't know. You may have heard of my band, One Direction." Alex looked at him a moment longer then burst into fits of laughter. I just stood there confused out of my mind. I didn't know Louis was in a band. I guess he neglected to tell me that. 

"Your in that famous band? You're like, the biggest heart-throb in the world! What are you doing at our foster home?" Biggest what? Wait, I was talking to a celebrity? Oh, great.

"I, uh, was walking Faith home." Alex looked at me then back at Louis and smirked. 

"Oh I see." Was all he said, then walked away with Kol following. 

"Biggest heart-throb, eh? And you decide not to mention it?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. 

"I thought you'd know me, when you didn't I thought it was a good chance to have a friend who knows me for me and not Louis Tomlinson from One Direction." I nodded. 

"Well, since I've never heard of your band, that's not a problem." He looked utterly shocked. I hope he's not a conceded celebrity who thinks they're all that. I've heard of those. 

"Well, I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not." He stated. "Surely you must have seen something about us." I shook my head. 

"Not that I know of." He stood there for a minute then shrugged it off. 

"Okay, well I hope to see you again soon, Faith." He said, kissing my cheek and walking away. If I were looking for a guy, I'd say he was cute but I really don't want a boyfriend. I really don't even want a friend but I'll let him be a friend. That's all, though. A simple friend. Unless life has a turn for me which I may not be up for. That is one thing I don't believe in. Soul mate. True love. I think it's a bunch of bull crap. People that believe in that just don't want to accept the fact they're pathetic, lifeless losers that will never be loved. Sounds harsh, but true in my opinion. 

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