Give me luv<3 ~Harry fan-fic~

Juliet Dawn and her sister Violet Dawn, are both into Ed Sheeran.They would kill for him.One day their mom got the tickets to see Ed Sheeran.When they got to backstage, they met one of Ed's BFF's, Harry Styles.What should Violet do after he falls for her.


2. The tickets...

Juliet's P.O.V

Violet and I laughed.We walked to the counter and started eating chicken nuggets. Violet started talking about that Mr.Copper got mad at Josh. Josh was actually my crush, but I love Ed Sheeran more.Mum started saying that she had a surprise for us. I got super excited because I wanted to know what the surprise was.Then my mum took out two ED SHEERAN TICKETS."OH MY GOD MUM THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. Violet too screamed but louder than me. We saw the details on the tickets. The concert was at Manhattahn, New York where we live so it was closer.We looked on when it was on and it said that it was on Friday.We were on Wednsday.I just couldn't wait for the concert.

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