Give me luv<3 ~Harry fan-fic~

Juliet Dawn and her sister Violet Dawn, are both into Ed Sheeran.They would kill for him.One day their mom got the tickets to see Ed Sheeran.When they got to backstage, they met one of Ed's BFF's, Harry Styles.What should Violet do after he falls for her.


3. The concert......


Violet's P.O.V

We got inside the car.We got there 4 hrs early to be in there first.Surpisengly there was no-one there yet so we payed the the tickets and got our seats.We got backstage to meet Ed Sheeran. Juliet was actually screaming when there was nobady there.Three hours later,all the fans were there.There was alot!! Oh god here he comes!!!! Ed Sheeran comes out as the crowd started scream loudly. He was smiling at me and Juliet. Juliet started freaking out aloot, believe me.....


                      ~AFTER CONCERT~ ~BACKSTAGE~

Ed's P.O.V

I saw two beatiful twin sisters.I liked the one in a orange shirt.She was hot.I saw that Harry started to stare at the other one.Man were they hot.

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