Give me luv<3 ~Harry fan-fic~

Juliet Dawn and her sister Violet Dawn, are both into Ed Sheeran.They would kill for him.One day their mom got the tickets to see Ed Sheeran.When they got to backstage, they met one of Ed's BFF's, Harry Styles.What should Violet do after he falls for her.


4. Harry's Opinion

Harry's P.O.V

Wow, those girls have beautiful grey eyes. Especially the one with

the purple shirt. Dang was she hot. Wait Harry are you going to use her oh my god she's coming she's coming!

"OH MY GOD ED SHEERAN AHHHHHHHHHHH" The one in orange exclaimed. "Juliet shut up!" the hot one said. " Sorry sorry Violet don't you know that THE Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles are there. Oh god!" I think the girl named juliet said. "When are youn into One Direction, they're like my 2nd favorite people, Ed of course if first,ALWAYS." Violet said. "Well sorry okaay!" Juliet said. "Hey why you staring at those cute girls fighting?" Ed said. "Because, don't you think they're hot!" I replied. "Well that's true." Ed said.

"Oh god they're coming out way!" Juliet whispered loudly. "Oh my god!" Violet said. I smirked in my bestest. "Hello ladies how are you Im Ed and this is my friend Harry." Ed replied. "Hi Ed and Harry. She's Juliet" I said pointing "and I'm Violet.

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