Give me luv<3 ~Harry fan-fic~

Juliet Dawn and her sister Violet Dawn, are both into Ed Sheeran.They would kill for him.One day their mom got the tickets to see Ed Sheeran.When they got to backstage, they met one of Ed's BFF's, Harry Styles.What should Violet do after he falls for her.


5. Chapter Five .

Harry's P.O.V

"Hello Juliet and Violet." I said while winking flirting. "Hi Harry and Ed." Violet said. "So, did you enjoy the concert tonight." O heard Ed say. "How couldn't we, we loooove your guys' music actually, so dont react freaked out when you constantly hear us singing." Violet said smiling. Ed and I laughed. "Well you know what , we'll give you our phone numbers." I said. Their eyes widened and said , "No way." "Yes way." Ed said. After giving them our phone numbers , we had to leave.


Helllllloooooo. sooo im like getting started with this shizz sooo, yeaa. I'll be updating soon. so dont worry



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