Luck of the Irish

Soledad Cabrera has always believed in love. Its just never worked out for her, never the type she wants: the happily ever after every girl seeks. There's the bubbly, eccentric gal everyone sees, and the genuine, normal lass she wishes everyone saw.
Enter Egan Sheehan, her Noah Calhoun. Enough said.
This story is for hopeless romantics everywhere. A present from their anonymous Prince Charming


1. September 15, 2028

"Ugh!" I heard a chilling grunt, mine.

"Breathe, love." Saoirse lilted soothingly, the sea otter pelt of her hair winking dark ripe strawberry in the fading light of evening. Her Irish blues radiated courage.

"You're doing amazing. I love you so much, I do." Egan murmured.

"And I you." He'd sunk to his heels at my side and took my hand in both of his. So strong a contraction came on that he squeezed mine in response, bracing. "I'm so scared Egan, I am."

"Fear not my colleen. Our lass and lad are almost here. I can feel it." He kissed my cheek in that sincere, liquid way of his: I felt the usual rush of melting tenderness.

"Breathe with me. There's my remarkable lass. That's it."

"Her hips are so small. Such a wee thing you are, love. No matter. Ma's were smaller; birthed us both fine."

"Aaah!" I heard myself wail. I felt something move as my body arched against the most seismic wave of pain.

"Push, push love. Look at me, right at me," he urged, his limpid greens pleading and willing me their strength. I fell back into the pillow; heaved air into my lungs. Egan held me instinctively, all the while purling his usual brouging litany of I love yous.

"Push again, gently now." Saoirse coaxed. With a guttural groan, I felt my first child come at last. "He's here." Egan whispered, tears streaming down his face. He dipped his head, and bussed me deeply, stroking my face with such devoted love that I cried, too.

Coryn Niall Joseph Sheehan was finally in the world. His sister Aelita Elisabeth Noelle followed quickly. My voice broke as I breathed I love you, and Saoirse kissed my cheeks.

"You did it, Soledad, you did it." she cheered. "They're so beautiful." Her sisterly eyes dimmed in pleasure, like a sleepy puppy's. Aelita's laxly fluttered open.

"Hello, my little bluebird. I'm your da. This beautiful woman is your ma, the person God made cross my path and complete me. This is Aunt Saoirse. We love you both so much."

"I didn't think it...that I could do it." Egan smiled, his naturally L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference 10 Scandinavia Very Light Blonde hair, cut short just the way I loved it, glinted in the moonlight. He brushed the pad of his thumb across the moonstone set into my engagement ring's silver band.

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