Me and You

Harry and Aless have been friends since they were children. Harry has been looking for her and Aless has been trying to find dream boy.


2. Happy Birthday!!!!

I woke up to a sound of chitter chatter downstairs. I went downstairs to see my friends talking they all turned around and looked at me as if they saw a dead body. " what's wrong?" " nothing!" They all said in a unison. I smiled and they screened " HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" I smiled even wider than ever. I heard a knock on my door I went up and got it I turned the doorknobs a tad bit and then swung the door open I couldn't believe who I saw. " HARRY" I screamed he smiled showing his cute dimples. " Happy Birthday!!!" I smiled at him and said " come in" 


Harry's POV I couldn't believe that she knew who I still was yeah I'm in one direction but this Ia's different she was a friend in high school. I liked her ever since I saw her. " This is-" Aless said but got cut off. " Harry" the girls on the couch said in a unison. " yeah as you already know." We all stated to talk and asked Aless if I could invite my friends so we could have some more company.

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