My love

There was only two things that I was totally sure of. One, Harry loved me. And two, I was deeply and utterly in love with him. I want to be with him for a very long time. And I'm starting with forever...
Harry Styles is my only love. For now and forever. I never thought it was possible to fall for someone this hard... but I did.


18. Liam?

 "Harry! Harry! Harry!" The paparazzi yelled, sounding like chanting fans. I was walking beside him holding his hand tightly as we tried to maneuver ourselves through the screaming fans and annoyingly persistent paparazzi. "So is it official? You and Bella?" We heard from behind us. Harry turned around. "Yes" was all he said. After that he turned around and kept walking with me. As we walked I heard a loud "Huff," Coming from him. I looked over at him to see his face looking rather upset. "Harry, what's wrong?"  I asked rubbing his shoulder with my arm soothingly. "I won't let them do this..." He said, his voice almost shaking. "Do what?" I asked curiously. "Let them turn this into something ugly... It's what they do." He said. I smiled at him. As we walked into the hotel I wrapped my arms around his.

When we got upstairs the guys were all sitting, watching T.V. I laughed at them. "This is what you guys do with your lives?" I asked them jokingly. "Well, do you have any better idea's?" Zayn shot back smiling. "As a matter of fact, I do!" They all looked at me with curiosity. "Shut the television off and sit on my bed. As they did as I directed I let go of Harry so that he could go sit down with them. I grabbed a deck of flashcards and a sharpie. I wrote each of our names on 4 cards each, shuffled the deck and sat down. "Okay, so this is a game that me and my friends always play! It's basically like 20 questions, but more fun because you don't get to choose who you ask." They all smiled at me. "Sounds fun." Harry said happily.

"I'll go first!" I said. I gently picked up a card and looked at the name. 'ZAYN' it said in all caps. "Okay Zayn, looks like you're the first victim!" he chuckled at my comment. "Okay, so um... who is one person you would want to have a duet with some day?" I asked. "Shakira." He said simply. I laughed looking at him confused. "She's hot okay?" I just laughed again. "Okay since we are going counter clockwise, Louis! Your turn."

"Bella," the smile on my face dropped. "What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you..." I looked around the circle at the guys and blushed. "I'm not telling you that!" I protested. "You have to, the card spoke!" He said. "Fine," I sighed. "Don't laugh, but when I was 10..." I paused. "I burped in church! The priest was reading the bible, and I burped!" I admitted. The guys all bursted into laughter. I punched Louis in the arm. "I said not to laugh!!" I yelled playfully.

After everyone had a turn, it was finally back to me. "Liam!" I said giving him an evil playfull look, "Who is your most recent crush!" I said getting to my juicy questions. Everything was silent.. Liam started turning a shade of red and all of the guys stared at me with their eyes just as wide as their mouths. "I-I- I have to go check something..." Liam said stumbling with his words as he got up and sped out. I looked around at everyone. "I don't understand..." I whispered. Louis put is hand on my shoulder as I got up. "I'm going to go for a walk." I said. Harry stood in front of me right before I walked out the door. "You did nothing wrong..." He said. "Yeah? Well, that didn't look like nothing." I said. Harry kissed me on the forehead and allowed me to walk away...


After about an hour of wandering around the city I decided to go back to the hotel room. When I walked in I felt eyes upon me. I looked at the living room area and I only saw Louis and Niall sitting on the white and silver couch. I couldn't find Harry. "Where is Harry?" I asked quietly. "He went to go get some food for breakfast, and run some other errands. He wont be back until late." Louis explained. "He left a note on he table for you." Niall added. I looked over at the table to see a piece of paper folded up in thirds.

It read.


  I went out for a little to run some errands, I told the guys to make sure you got this note, so if you found it by yourself, hit them for me. ;) Anyway, I wont be back until late, please don't wait up for me. I don't want you to be tired. I have some plans for us tomorrow. I left some money for you guys to use for dinner. Have a night as amazing as you. I'll miss you. Love you so much.



I smiled as I read it and then looked on the table when I was done. Their had been cash placed under it. I picked it up. A hundred  and fifty dollars! What? does he think we're going to have a feast? Well actually five of us going out to eat.30 dollars each, plus a tip... Seems about right.

I walked over to the guys. "So, we have the hotel room to ourselves tonight. What do you say that we go to eat and rent a movie?" I said smiling. They both looked at me and smiled. "Does it have to be a chick flick?" Louis said making a smart-aleck comment. I giggled. "Well, do you say that the new 'Star Trek' is a chick flick? Cause if so, then yes it does." They both looked at me shocked. "What? Cant a girl like 'Star Trek'?" I asked humorously. "You are awesome!" Niall said. "Thank you, thank you very much." I said doing an awful Elvis impersonation. "You going to tell Zayn and Liam about it? Or just wait until last minute?" Louis asked me.

I sighed and looked over my shoulder at the door to the guys' room. "Um, yeah. I'll go tell 'em. Actually... can you tell Zayn?" I asked. Louis and Niall looked at me understandingly and nodded. "Sure." Louis said.

I took a deep breath and walked into their room, the light was on and Liam and Zayn where sitting on opposite beds, facing each other talking. I looked at Zayn with sad eyes. He looked at me knowingly and walked up to me. "Is he okay?" I whispered to Zayn. "Yeah, he's fine." I hugged him tightly and then let go. "You'll be fine." He said to me. "Its not me i'm worried about." He put his hand on my shoulder then walked out.

I slowly walked over to the bed that Zayn was just sitting on. Liam is looking at the ground. "Li?" I said. He looked up at me with sad eyes. My eyes started to water. I looked down and tried to blink away the tears, but one of them fell. Liam came over and pulled me into his arms. "Why are you crying?" He asked me sincere. "Because... Liam, you are one of my best friends. And I promised myself that I would never hurt my friends. I promised myself I would never hurt you. I don't want to hurt any of you guys. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, you... And that's exactly what I did!" I started crying a little harder as my words went on. Liam hugged me tighter. "You did nothing wrong..." He whispered to me. I looked up at him. "But, you have been in your room all day... talking to Zayn. You sped out of the room as soon as I brought up that topic." He laughed. "That was nothing, don't you worry about if for one second." he said to me sweetly. I sighed. "Okay..." I agreed. "Okay? Okay? That is not good enough!" He said to me as I let go of him. I smiled a teary smile. "Alright!" I laughed. "Alright." He repeated.

"Harry left us some money for dinner tonight, we're going to go out to eat and then rent the new 'Star Trek'. Is that okay?" He smiled again. "Sounds good!" He said getting up. I got up with me. As we walked out he asked me something. "So who's Idea was it to get the new 'Star Trek'?" I looked at him and smiled. "Mine." I said proudly. "Are you serious?" He laughed. "Why is that so hard to believe?" I asked them. "Because your a girl!" I just laughed.

We walked out of the room laughing. "Yay! Happiness!" Yelled Niall. We both smiled.


That night after dinner we got back late and watched the movie. I was sitting in between Liam and Zayn. Louis was next to Zayn and Niall was laying on Liams feet. All I remember is falling asleep on Liam, and waking up him not being there in late hours of the night. Harry must be home by now I thought. I looked at the clock, and it was 12. Just then I heard doors open, it was Harry!

I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. I kissed him on the lips and hugged him tight. "Hey!" He said quietly to me. "I missed you!" I said getting down. "I missed you too! were you asleep?" He asked me. "Yeah, but I woke up just before you walked in." I said. "You should get some sleep," He smiled at me. "We have a good day tomorrow." I smiled. "Can you tell me?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "No.. that would ruin the surpise!" He said. "Fine," I said smiling. "Goodnight" I kissed him again on the lips. "I love you." I said. "I love you too, get some sleep." I started walking away. But  then turned around. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes love?" He answered back. "You know how you said before that I was your little miracle?" I asked. "Yes, because you are." I nodded. "Right, well I was thinking, you aren't a miracle to me... you're my saving knight, my prince charming." I said climbing into bed. "And you're my princess" And with that, I drifted off into sleep.

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