My love

There was only two things that I was totally sure of. One, Harry loved me. And two, I was deeply and utterly in love with him. I want to be with him for a very long time. And I'm starting with forever...
Harry Styles is my only love. For now and forever. I never thought it was possible to fall for someone this hard... but I did.


17. Happy New Year!

I stepped out of the car and looked all around me with awe. I saw the most amazing band ever, the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for, and Times Square. Where I would be watching One Direction perform! Not only that but I got to sit on the side of the stage! It gave me chills just thinking about it. "Well, what do you think?" I heard a whisper in my ear. I smiled at the soft sound of Harry's voice. "I love it. I wish I was you right now." I said mesmerized. I was snapped out of my gaze when I heard Niall's voice. "Wow! This place is amazing!" He said. Zayn agreed with a loud "Yeah!"

 I giggled as Liam and Louis chatted to Harry about how huge this place was. "Come on guys we got to get to the stage!" I said reminding them why they were here, as if they forgot. Harry grabbed my hand as we walked over to the stage. When we reached the stairs to go onto it Harry stepped to the side. "Lady's first." He smiled. "Oh such a gentlemen" I replied. Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis followed behind Harry and I.

 People had already started flooding in within the first 15 minutes we arrived. Finally, at 9, the show started. They sang lots of songs. Starting with their newest song "Best Song Ever" I laughed thinking back to the music video and the characters they played. Then they got to "Kiss you" . I was softly singing along. Harry had looked over at me a few times and smiled. They continued with songs for about an hour then they got to break for about an hour.

"Did you like it?" Harry asked me, still smiling from the crowds applause, as he walked over to me. "No," I said. His face automatically dropped along with all of the guy's faces. I just laughed at them. "I loved it!!" after I said that I was swarmed into a large bear hug from all of them. When they let go, I couldn't help but blush. Harry smiled at me and lightly pressed his lips against mine. Louis nudged Harry playfully "Get a room" He said. Harry and I blushed at his comment, turning two shades of red. I started laughing along with Louis though.

For an hour we sat talking and listening to the other bands playing. I heard Pitbull, Hunter Hayes, Train, it was amazing. Me and the guys all sang along, laughing and having an amazing time. As Train finished up their last song, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn, all got a little tense, but exited. I looked over at Niall, he was playing with his hands, I noticed that he does that when he get's nervous. Liam was sitting restlessly, Louis was shaking his leg, Harry was fixing his hair non-stop, and Zayn was twirling his phone. I looked at them all with concern and sympathy. "Guys..." I started. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me. "You are going to do amazing! Everyone loves you. Including me." I then looked at Harry, he grabbed my hand and I squeezed it tight. They all smiled at me. "I believe in you..." I assured them. "Now get up there and do great!" I yelled. They all got up and started to walk on stage.

They all one by one hugged me as I wished them goodluck, I kissed Harry on the cheek and he walked onto the stage smiling. I listened happily too all of there songs. I smiled when "More than this" started. Tears formed in my eyes as it continued. Liam looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. Liam was amazing. He was one of my best friends. When the song ends I clap so hard that my hands turn red and start to sting. I look out at the crowd and smile. Imagining that the applause was for me. In reality I know its not, but in my head, it's for me. These people love me as much as they love them. I know it's not true, but it's okay to dream right? I'm suddenly snapped out of my trance when I hear a familiar beginning. "Your insecure, don't know what for..." I start screaming along with the crowd at the amazing first hit of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." Everybody starts singing when it get's to the chorus and I start to too.

Harry looks over at me and smiles. Suddenly his solo comes on. I stare at him, so emotional with happiness... suddenly motions for me to come over with one finger. I come out smiling and grab his hand. I cant help but blush when he starts singing to me. When the whole band starts singing and dancing again, I start laughing and blushing. When the song ends, all the guys hug me.

"Guys!" Says Harry into the microphone. "I think it's about time I introduce you guys to someone..." I smile as he takes my hand. "This is Bella Carlin, the love of my life. She is what makes me happy in life, I love her. And I know you guys will love her as much as I do when you get to know her. I don't want you guys hurting her okay? Because without her, I don't know what I'd do. She's special." I feel my eyes start to water as he continues. "That's why I want to give her this." After saying that he get's down on one knee and pulls out a ring box. I smile as tears fall down my cheeks. "Isabella Carlin," He starts as he opens the box, "this is a promise ring. I promise that I will always be there for you, that no matter what we go through, I will never give up on us because that's how much I love you. I promise that we will live happily ever after, I promise that one day, when we are older, I will marry you. But until then, I want you to have this and know how much I love you. Do you except this ring?" Harry puts the mike up to me so I can be heard. "I do."

 I said. With that Harry slipped on my ring and I kissed him. The whole audience roared with applause and cheers. "Now guys, I want you to hear the reason I fell in love with this girl." He then looked at me. "Bella, will you sing for us?" The whole audience cheered and chanted and clapped. "I'd love to!" I said happy.

 I went over to the band as the guys sat down where they sat before. "Can you give me 'mama knows best'?" I asked. They just nodded and started to play. "Well there is something going down! Like a storm in the sky! I don't wanna be played, by your behavior, how can I trust someone who's lying to me?" I started singing Jessie J and was the happiest I have ever been. I rocked out as the crowd went along with it and clapped along. By the end of the song the crowd was cheering and clapping and I was smiling from ear to ear. When Harry stepped back onto the stage I gave him a huge hug and whispered "Thank you," In his ear.


When we looked over to the clock there was 60 seconds left until midnight. then 30...


















 When we got to one Harry pulled me into a kiss. "I love you" He whispered. "I love you more..." I said back smiling. "Well, I love you most." I giggled and kissed him again. Confetti came down on us and balloons and lots of loud music was playing in the back round. For the rest of the night until we went home Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and I wandered around Times Square greeting people and listening to music. When we got home we all crashed. I dreamt about the entire night. Thinking back to it all, it was the best night I have ever had. Before I drifted off to sleep I took one last look at the ring I got tonight. It was sterling silver with a diamond on it. It sent me to bed smiling. A perfect night.

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