My love

There was only two things that I was totally sure of. One, Harry loved me. And two, I was deeply and utterly in love with him. I want to be with him for a very long time. And I'm starting with forever...
Harry Styles is my only love. For now and forever. I never thought it was possible to fall for someone this hard... but I did.


10. Are you okay?

It was snowing outside. The roads were slippery and icy. I was nervous to be driving, but I was on my way to see Harry so that blocked it all out. I was almost to his house when I took a turn on the curb. Turns out that it was very slippery. I lost control of the car and went straight into a pole. 

I woke up in the hospital. My mom was there in the room with me, waiting by my bed side. "Bella, honey, i'm so glad you're awake." She said stroking my hair back. "How do you feel?" She asked. "Like I just got into a car crash," I said humorously. My mother gave a quiet laugh. "Well i'm glad you're feeling well enough for a little humor." She said smiling. Then she looked serious again. " I called Harry for you." She said. "Where is he?" I said anxiously."He's out in the hall, He hasn't left since he heard you were going to be here for a little while, I'll go get him for you." She smiled then walked out.

Harry walked in. My heart skipped a beat. "Hey," He said. "How are you feeling?" He asked. "Better now that I know you're here." I said. He walked over and kissed me on my head. "Its my fault you are in here." He said pacing. "Harry, don't do that to yourself. It isn't your fault. I didn't have to go out in the snow! I was the one not thinking." I  said looking at him. I knew he felt really bad, but he had no reason to. It wasn't his fault. He stopped pacing then looked at me seriously. "Bella, I love you." He said very serious. "Harry, I love you too. More than anything.

I was out of the hospital the next morning. Harry didn't leave the entire time. He stayed right by my side. Our relationship grew since that day. We weren't just boyfriend, girlfriend. We were soul mates. We both loved each other so very much. And we both knew that the other did. I knew he cared. We still hadn't kissed yet though... We had been dating since September, it was December. But that didn't matter. Because a kiss was just an action, the words he spoke to me were so sincere. I love him. 


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