Don't Take This the Wrong Way ( A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Alex Rodes, a 19 year old girl who meets Zayn Malik in a local park. They start dating, and Harry as feelings for her. Harry made a mistake and kissed her. Alex gets mixed feelings, but obviously chooses Zayn. They have there ups and downs, but what happens in the end? Find out by reading Don't Take This the Wrong Way.


43. Chapter 43

Zayn's P.O.V.


It's true. I loved her because of Isabelle. I can't believe it. I feel terrible. Alex was amazing. I thought she was the one, but obviously she wasn't. 

"- I think I'm done here," she said as she walked out the door. I notice she threw something on the ground. I bend over and pick it up. The necklace I gave her on her birthday. (Chapter 35 for picture) I can't believe it.

"I can't believe you, Zayn," Eleanor says as she follows Alex out the door. 

"You okay, Zayn," Louis says.

"I don't know. I thought she was the one, but obviously not," 

"You thought, but you have to admit, she looked a lot like her,"

"I know,"

"Well, I'm going upstairs to talk to the boys,"

"Okay. I'll be on the couch, feeling my heart fall apart,"

"You'll be okay Zayn," 

I thought she was my one and only.

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