Don't Take This the Wrong Way ( A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Alex Rodes, a 19 year old girl who meets Zayn Malik in a local park. They start dating, and Harry as feelings for her. Harry made a mistake and kissed her. Alex gets mixed feelings, but obviously chooses Zayn. They have there ups and downs, but what happens in the end? Find out by reading Don't Take This the Wrong Way.


30. Chapter 30

Alex's P.O.V.


It's been about a day since Zayn called me. I can't believe he would do that to me. I might as well just leave. I stand up to go upstairs when there is a knock at the door. I go and answer it. Perrie Edwards is standing at my door.

"Hello. I'm Perrie. I am here to explain what happened between me and Zayn," 


"I kissed Zayn. I honestly am the one who kissed him. He struggled to get away, but I held him so he wouldn't get away. I am really sorry. I never knew that he liked you so much. He has been a wreck since you found out I kissed him. I am really sorry,"

I feel like a jerk right now. I turned Zayn down, and I didn't believe him!

"I must be the worst person alive right now. There is no way Zayn will take me back now!"

"Come in!" I look up and see Zayn walking towards me.

"Zayn? What are you doing here?"

"This," he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard. I started to kiss back. I've realized how much I've actually missed him. He releases me and looks me in the eyes.



"I didn't mean it,"

"Didn't mean what?"

"When I called you, and told you that I hated you, and that I wished we never met. I didn't mean it. I love you,"

"I love you too," I smile and he kisses my cheek. "What shall we do now?" he asks in a funny voice.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm gonna be here for a couple weeks. We are technically finished in America. They boys said they would fly over here this weekend. Louis is already over here in London, he's visiting Eleanor,"

"So, how long will you be here?"

"Three months. We spend three months in different countries,"

"Seriously?!" he nods at me. 

"There are gonna be a few extra people though,"


"Well. Liam and Niall started dating these girls. They are actually really nice,"

"What are their names,"

"They're called Elaine, and Avery," I almost died inside.

"Last names?"

"Elaine Conley, and Avery Blust,"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WERE LIKE MY BEST FRIENDS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Is that why they have British accents?"

"Yep," I can't believe I can see them again!!!!!!!!

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