Don't Take This the Wrong Way ( A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Alex Rodes, a 19 year old girl who meets Zayn Malik in a local park. They start dating, and Harry as feelings for her. Harry made a mistake and kissed her. Alex gets mixed feelings, but obviously chooses Zayn. They have there ups and downs, but what happens in the end? Find out by reading Don't Take This the Wrong Way.


29. Chapter 29

Zayn's P.O.V.


I sit on the couch, and I'm startled by a knock at the door. I get up and answer it. 

"Hey Zayn," 

"Perrie," I let her in. She walks in and Louis comes in.

"Whoa. What happened to Alex?"

"I'm still with her. Louis, you are flying with Perrie and I to London,"


"Perrie is going to tell Alex the truth. I thought you might want to see Eleanor,"

"Okay. Let me get a few things," 

"I just don't understand why you can't break up with Alex, and date me instead. I mean come on! I'm prettier, more talented, and probably smarter,"

"I love Alex,"

"You should love me. I am such and amazing person,"

"Yeah, sure you are," I say sarcastically. She just scoffs. Louis walks in and smiles.

"Are you guys ready?"

"Yeah. Let me grab my bag from upstairs,"

"Okay," I run upstairs and grab my bag from my room. I throw it over my shoulder and head downstairs. 

"Let's go,"

Alex here we come.

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